Mars Conjunct the South Node | same old fight, moving on from friends who don't have our backs, rubbing salt in the wound, familiar struggles, falling into that same old trap, our old actions and in-actions bite us in the ass

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Today we have Mars (at 7 degrees Aquarius) - the actions we take to get what we want, our passion, our initiative, our anger - hitting the South Node (what is ripe for release).

Expect old arguments to flare back up, old goals and actions (and in-actions) to result in consequences now. We might have to lose the battle to win the war. We might have to let go of a goal to free up our hands to reach for something else.

We might find ourselves having a rip-roaring argument with our hubby that feels awfully reminiscent of our childhood battles with our father. There is karma here. Pay attention.

You have the benefit of astrology - so take a breath and think about what is really being stirred up. There will be, or was (although this aspect is exact today it has been building for a couple days and will spend a couple days unwinding) likely an uncanny reminder of having 'gone through this before' with the added realization, if we are lucky and smart, that we can choose differently this time.

Because Mars is preparing to go retrograde in a couple weeks and walking degrees he will walk two more times this is a repeating aspect that will be in play until the end of September.

So we have the repeating pattern of an aspect that is all about repeating patterns!

Whatever situations/issues we are dealing with now will not be the final chapter - be prepared for delays, revisions and possibly a long drawn out battle.

With Mars on the South Node our instinctual drive (Mars) is very strongly and often unconsciously - remember we don't crave what is good for us, we crave what is familiar - influenced by our past.

Where is Aquarius in your natal chart? For many people the theme of the house Aquarius rules will be Mars field of play.

EXAMPLE for Taurus/Taurus Rising (Aquarius 10th house) - Mars is traveling through your 10th house of career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility. An issue, likely within these themes, is activated. Something here is ripe for release - (Mars on the South Node) before the Nodes move into Cancer/Capricorn next fall. Holding on too tightly to something here could actually hasten its speed of departure. Let's say you really need to move on from a job - an action or inaction on your part, challenge at work or argument with authority, for example, could expedite the manner. Mars (as you) will walk back and forth through your 10th house territory - conjuncting the South Node and opposing the North Node (your future). What are you doing, perhaps unconsciously, in regard to 10th house matters that needs to end?

Collectively, Mars in Aquarius pushes for FREEDOM and toward advancement and the future. This summer - through multiple, sustained efforts which could include setbacks and revisions - life is offering us the energetic support to release - and yes, there will be work involved Saturn is still in Capricorn folks - the ties that bind us- whatever is making us feel stuck.

Mars challenges us to find the right level of assertiveness without being a total asshole.

We need to keep our eyes on that North Node in Leo - our creative passion, what makes us feel proud, where we need to shine and take the center stage of our own life - Mars agitating that South Node and opposing the North will be sawing/chopping/shaving away at anything holding us back from what we came to do here.

Next week we have a New Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune - new info will come in, again not everything can be trusted. Hopefully by the time Neptune stations retrograde on the 19th we will get more clarity and stronger sea legs. We also have Mars and Venus opposing each other from the South and North Nodes while t-squaring Jupiter in Scorpio coming soon. Our karma, dharma - whatever this is it will likely relate back to whatever Saturn set in motion back in January. We have Mars set to go retrograde and a heavy duty Full Moon at the end of the month.

I am going to write a June post on Sunday to finish out the month instead of the weekly so we are better able to see around corners.

For this weekend we have the Moon in Aries on FRIDAY hankering for some action, but she will be squaring serious Saturn. Maybe save important negotiations/communications for another day if possible. Not a good first date night! We could want to do something for ourselves but have work or responsibilities that won't allow it. There is a semi-sextile between Mars and Saturn today which tells us if we slow down and do things carefully and proceed one-step-at-a-time there is a very good chance of success with whatever we are starting. On SATURDAY the Moon is uber active - we probably will be, too - and then goes void at 3:00PM EDT. There is a sextile - opportunity - with Mercury early in the day that can be good for commerce, communication and interactions with siblings/the local neighborhood. On SUNDAY the Moon will move into Taurus, the perfect Sunday Moon - garden, cook, relax, recharge your batteries. There could be something testy in the afternoon as the Moon squares Mars.

xo all

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