Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 11th - the times they are a changing, new information comes in, unexpected attractions, official words, feeling what people are saying, just how smart are we anyway

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We continue to have alot happening this week. I was going to write a two week post, but the weeks are just too different and this one has too much going on.

Anytime we have a week with two inner planets changing signs - we know our lives will be changing, too.

Add to that a complicated New Moon in a complicated air sign and all this foggy Neptune (there isn't much solid ground for us at the moment) and things can feel very dicey. We won't have all the answers - this is Gemini season, the season of QUESTIONS - keep this in mind.

TUESDAY - Mercury enters Cancer
WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Gemini (22 degrees) plus Venus enters Leo
THURSDAY - Venus squares Uranus
FRIDAY - Mercury opposes Saturn

On TUESDAY, Mercury moves into Cancer until June 29th and begins answering to the Moon. We are feeling what people are saying. Our words are impacting other people emotionally, too. We could be thinking/talking/writing about Cancerian issues more often - home, family, real estate, renovation, home business, ancestry, mothers, country, safety, security.

With Mercury in Cancer we need to step back now and then and ask ourselves - "am I feeling the situation or am I feeling my thinking about the situation?". The difference - especially for the next week of so with all this Neptunian fog and Saturnian potential for depression - is likely a pretty wide gap.

With Mercury in Cancer words come from the gut. Words are taken personally

They can be soothing or they can be painful.

Cancer is all about family and home and history and patriotism and security - about having our needs met and meeting the needs of others we are close to. It's about vulnerability and how we deal with that.

On WEDNESDAY, Venus - leading the pack this spring/summer - enters fiery Leo. Our Leo house, the space we have intended to SHINE in this lifetime, becomes more attractive. Leo Suns and rising signs are more naturally attractive (ie easy on the eye and able to attract what they want).

We attract what we want and need (Venus) through Leo now - so by standing out, standing up, being passionate, taking center stage - you get the idea. We could, of course, go overboard with all of this. Leo (ruled by the Sun) doesn't really like others blocking the light. Competition can get ugly. We could become downright diva-like. Being in love with being in love fits here, too.

Wanting to be adored will make being ignored all that much harder to handle.

Also Venus in Leo is not so into compromise. I will write a post.

Today's New Moon in Gemini squaring foggy Neptune and between a rock and a hard place with both a retrograde Pluto and Black Moon Lilith and with the Moon's ruler Mercury squaring healing/hurting Chiron is COMPLICATED. Not that a Gemini Moon is ever not complicated, but this one, being a Super Moon so close to the Earth and at a karmic 22 degrees, is quite, yes, let's say it again COMPLICATED. In Gemini we know there will be oodles of communication, information and choices.

We will have to be smart about whatever we have going on now.

New Moons are times when we are literally in the dark. The Moon and Sun are together at the same degree. Then time moves on, the Moon becomes visible, a little more visible everyday. This is called waxing and is the two weeks of the month when things are naturally growing.

Ruled by Mercury and ruler of our 3rd house, Gemini rules our growth through the exchange of information, through contact with our immediate environment, through language. Gemini reigns over: the flow of information, technology, communication, our mental processes, conversations, stories, lies, our local community, our neighbors, our siblings, our transportation.

Gemini is the first air sign of the astrological year - a sign of the mind, the archetype of the "teacher" - the storyteller. If you are a Gemini Sun sign this is basically the way you process life. As soon as you learn something, and you are naturally curious and learn alot of "somethings" - you simply must pass it on. Gemini has more to do with questions than answers because she has been mentally exploring and noticing stuff her entire life.

Gemini is perspective. What we notice becomes what we think about, what we talk about, what we act on. 

What we notice becomes who we are. 

It's a good time to notice what we are noticing. Of course, we would probably have to stop for a moment to do this and we won't be able to - because we will be so busy!

The next two New Moons after this one - are both eclipses, yes eclipse season is coming hang onto your hats, and are Super Moons, too.

I will write a post about the New Moon this week.

Also don't forget we have Mars conjunct the South Node. See my post HERE on that transit.

On THURSDAY, Venus is going to square Uranus which could set off impulsive attractions - suddenly something over THERE looks/feels very good and we WANT it. Of course, this is a square so there is tension/frustration. Venus is in Leo, so we will want what we want. Venus rules our love, money, values and self-esteem - something unexpected could happen within these themes or with our Leo house theme now. With the Sun and Moon in Gemini - it could also be that we have a couple choices, or with all this foggy Neptune - the appearance of multiple choices - and maybe we could end up choosing poorly. Maybe there aren't any good choices. Maybe all the doors hold booby prizes. It is going to be hard to tell.

This transit could also be the splash of cold water in our face we need right now. Remember we are playing a long game, if something feels extremely urgent or extremely essential right now take some time to think it all through. Imagine a blinking yellow light. Proceed with caution.

On FRIDAY, Mercury (in Cancer) will oppose powerful Saturn (home in Capricorn). Communications will be taken seriously. We could be blocked by someone else's words. This is some kind of outer authority, the rules, the pressure. This could be about official (Saturn) paperwork (Mercury) or a career/home decision or the need to talk (Mercury) like a grown-up (Saturn). This transit can bring negative thinking and depressive thoughts - take this stuff seriously now and use that powerful Neptune to connect with other people.

This is a reality check between our Cancer and Capricorn houses and for some people the more general themes of home vs work.

Once Venus moves into Leo (Wednesday) she will be trining Chiron (in Aries), so there is going to be a flow this week between our love, money, values, self esteem, issues with women or about beauty and our initiative, courage and ability to stand on our own two feet. With Venus in proud Leo - let's not be afraid to say we aren't certain (pretty much impossible to be certain right now anyway) or to speak up about our pain/problems. It could be our weaknesses/sore spots that will attract to us what we actually need.

With multiple aspects/moves by Venus this week we know there will be situations around our money and our relationships. Uranus will bring Venus something unexpected and it will create tension/frustration - which btw is what creates the greatest environment for GROWTH. Neptune will keep things foggy (or us dealing with Neptunian situations - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing, illusion, compassion, deception). Saturn assures us stuff will be serious. And all this Gemini/Mercury means we will be busy, there will be lots of communication, information and choices.

I am going to write a few dailies this week and am a bit pushed for time, so am not going to get into the Moons here. The long voids are (not a good time for starts/launches) WEDNESDAY 3:45PM EDT to midnight and FRIDAY from noon until 3:21AM EDT. Back with some daily posts and the big New Moon post, in the meantime this weekly should be a bit of a heads up.

xo all

Pay attention to your dreams, synchronicities and intuition now. Also keep in mind I am writing about aspects on the days when they are exact, but often we feel their biggest impact as the planets are moving into aspect or separating.

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