Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - feeling better by taking action, mushy cherry garcia, are we carrying around something that is dead and calling it a Louis Vuitton?


The Moon is in Aries. This is a warrior/worrier position for our dear Luna and we will feel better taking action. Working independently. Being around men. Her only aspect today an important conjunction with Aries ruler Mars at 6:39PM EST. We are acting on our feelings/feeling out our actions. Comforted by fresh starts and things that are moving fast. Our emotional life can be passionate/our home busy. 

This is the day Mercury inconjuncts the North Node. We dug into this pretty thoroughly HERE, so we won't rehash it. Keep this in mind.

This is also the day Venus inconjuncts a retrograde Chiron. We can be wounded/weakened by what we love/obsess about. We know the Sun is going to trine Chiron tomorrow, so we don't want to run away from today's pain/uncomfortableness/awkwardness. We get to tomorrow's smooth trine through today's painful inconjunct. No skipped steps this year. Everyone/everything gets a seat at the table. 

It could be a Venusian theme that hurts/weakens us - relationships (or their lack of intimacy), finances (maybe a large necessary purchase or an ending that nets us less than we were anticipating), self-esteem, beauty, women. There are as many ways this could show up as their are people/charts. Or it could be the depths of Venus's intensity in Scorpio that causes the pain - we are going farther, merging/purging - so we see more now. We know more. This knowledge/truth isn't always pretty. We might feel rejected/unloved.

Bottom line this is about us getting real with ourselves about what we want now/what we love now. Remember we have passed the point where we always died before. Everything can't go with us.

Seeing that Louis Vuitton bag as a dead baby cow's skin is part of waking up. Sorry if I've ruined your handbag forever for you, but it's true. And it's a choice (North Node in Gemini) what we are holding onto even when we think (Mercury, ruler of the North Node in Scorpio) we can't survive without it.

xo all


Our refrigerator stopped working last week. Luckily I had bought some ice cream (I never buy ice cream) and noticed the mushy carton. It is 16 years old, and we spent an inordinate amount of time this week trying to fix it/bring it back from the dead. Or hubs did. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to save our food and on the internet trying to find a new one that didn't cost four times the price of my first car. 


And, yes, I am one of those people (old before my time with my Mercury in Cap, 3rd house, I think) who compare all large purchases to the cost of a 1970something Mercury Capri (chocolate brown with a black top) that was already almost a classic by the time I bought it. I rode past it on my bicycle and had to have it, but was $100 short of the asking price and the guy wouldn't budge. I sent hubs (who was boyfriend then and barely a boyfriend really) back to negotiate with the guy. He came to my house that night with the keys - to car and heart (it was only a few years ago he admitted to giving the guy the extra $100). 


And, no, this doesn't really relate to today's energies, but then again maybe it does. 


Today, I have to buy a new refrigerator. No way around this.


I am going to have to spend more than I want to. When I got over the 'sticker shock' of refrigerator prices, the lack of in-stock refrigerators in New Jersey right now and lack of variety on Facebook Marketplace - I began to imagine my kitchen with a new refrigerator. One of those with the french doors. One of those with the ice makers/water dispensers. One of those with the freezers on the bottom. Instead of thinking 'this is the last thing we need right now!' I started thinking maybe this is a good thing. I even felt a little worried when it looked like hubs would actually get our old Maytag running.


Luckily there are sales now for the holidays. Luckily there is Facebook Marketplace. Luckily we have the money/good credit to buy one. Luckily I bought that carton of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and pulled it out at exactly the right time to find it mushy, but still save the rest of our food. Luckily I know someone with an extra fridge in their garage who was willing to move all his beer. It pays to think about things like this when dealing with "sticker shock". And maybe other Venusian heartaches, too. Count our blessings. Keep this in mind.

Eclipse post next! I can't wait to look at the chart!

photo by the talented kittysyellowjacket

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