Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, November 6, 2020 - feeling the pinch



The Moon in Cancer trined Neptune at 4:13AM EST and then moves through her oppositions to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn between 11:00AM and 7:51PM EST, finally going void off a square to Mercury at 8:27PM EST. So, our Cancer/Pisces houses are the way through the day (their themes or the collective themes of home, family, creativity, art, music, being in or near water, healing, spirituality, meditation, prayer).


Those pressurized/limiting Cappy oppositions won't be easy, especially with the Moon in Cancer, uber sensitive/needing to feel safe. Squares to Mercury can bring arguments, challenging news. It is hard to communicate/stay in balance, then she goes void so we can chill out or stew about it. 


Our choice.


The icing on the cake - Mercury (in Libra) squares Saturn for the third time. A hard conversation must be had/challenging news must be faced. We want to just kind of slip around something/sweet talk our way out of it/pour pink paint and call some pile of crap a barbie dream house. Saturn says, "no way buddy". More pressure. Limits. The need to make a plan. Frustration around relationships or commitments. This is the final square, so we know this is ABOUT TO BE IN THE PAST. We need to make a choice, yes, with Mercury in Libra! Ugh! A delay will end ONCE WE DO. Once we make the freakin' plan we will FEEL BETTER.


Maybe this is someone's opportunity to STEP UP/take responsibility/do the big-girl, grown-up thing.


With so many planets in their home signs - mostly cardinal, so hard squares and oppositions. Jupiter in his detriment in Capricorn (since last November and thankfully for only SIX more weeks). Expansion stopped, faith tested, travel restricted, wide-scale rules, feeling responsible for everyone, overblown depression, less is more, but it's still freakin' less, the seriousness of the matter being exaggerated, coming down to earth and being forced to be realistic about our options. Have I missed anything? Yes. This is Jupiter. I've missed alot. And Jupiter is ruling our South Node, which is what needs to be  released, yes, but also where we are RIGHT NOW. 

Neptune is almost the only #comfortable, #toocomfortable energy and that's why we don't know what the hell is real. That's why it's easy to slip into escape or fantastical thinking. Also because this energy is physically exhausting, we probably need to give Neptune something to do - think art, music, time spent in or near water, meditation, prayer, extra sleep/extra hydration, etc - on the other hand when we give Neptune too much to do, he can literally dissolve us/we can become a ghost in our own life. We can become unmoored. One simple thing - DON'T spend one more moment scrolling. Choose a movie over a youtube video. Choose a book over a movie.

Don't cut any corners now. These Cappy oppositions and that Mercury square will bite us in the ass ... fast. Hang in there. Do your work. I know it's Friday, but don't cut out early.

xo all

(with the U.S. Election so close, imagine if instead of a patriarchal winner-take-all, we moved RIGHT NOW (Mercury in Libra squaring Saturn in Cappy) into a partnership government with co-Presidents working TOGETHER. Which is not as crazy as it sounds because our original system allowed the winner to become President and the "loser" Vice President. That would be world changing. We could save ourselves so much heartache and pain over the next couple years as we face our nation's Pluto return! How can we apply this lesson in our own life? How are we enabling this patriarchal/hierarchical "winner-take-all" dying dead world to keep us stuck?)

photo by the amazing sollenafotografie

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