Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | November 2nd - November 8th, 2020 - another brick in the wall, mental pressure, thinking things through, the winds shift, changing our mind, alien babies



Twists and turns ahead, with reality checks, battle lines clearly drawn - unless we are smart enough and lucky enough to avoid them (or use a pencil with an eraser). Luckily for us we are blessed with Venus in Libra now - strong and balanced - and with Mercury and Uranus answering to her.  


Compromise, cooperation, fairness, being able to see other people's points of views ARE possible.


SUNDAY - Mercury (retrograde) squares Saturn, Venus opposes Chiron

TUESDAY - Mercury stations direct, Pallas inconjunct North Node

FRIDAY - Sun conjunct Juno

SATURDAY - Mercury (directs) squares Saturn, Mars inconjunct the Sun/Juno

With our Halloween Full Moon in Taurus (on Uranus) kicking (or preparing to kick over the next two weeks, think: leg bent, boot on) a MAJOR DOOR closed/open. BOOM! If a door closes, another door opens - it's our job to FIND it. If a door opens, another door closes - it's our job to LEAVE IT SHUT.


This week is all about Mercury - information, news, our thinking, our words and again, Venus, our relationships, our resources/money, balance, fairness. Keep in mind Mercury is in Libra, so we are literally channeling our Venus - what does she need to say THROUGH US? Where is Venus in your natal chart? 


How is your Venus best able to handle this week's pressure? 


Maybe mark these squares with Saturn as your opportunity to STOP AND THINK. There could be a FINAL and challenging conversation this week. Then we are back to square one with something here. Have faith that new situations are gestating. Pregnant with possibilities - that's us. Even if we are feeling more like we might be carrying one of those alien babies that tears their way out (yikes) and then Ripley has to battle for, what was it, four/five sequels? With that Full Moon on Uranus we can expect the unexpected.


 (this relationship stuff/Mercury's Libra-Scorpio degrees are precisely where Venus retrograded two years ago - what was happening in the fall of 2018? what has changed, and yes, I know THAT has changed, but maybe what else?)


SUNDAY - A retrograde Mercury (in partnership/balance/fairness focused Libra) squares "the man" Saturn (home in Cappy for just a few more weeks) at 26 degrees. 


We first had this square back at the end of September, so something from that time could be revisited. If you have anything in your natal or progressed chart in the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn - near this degree you will probably feel these squares this week (plus Mercury's station) the strongest. 




Our communication/ideas/sibling issues/commerce/transportation issues/Libra natal house issue hits the Saturnian wall/rule/limit/authority/responsibility. With Mercury still retrograde this is probably not a new issue. Maybe we've been here before. Heard/said these words before.

Mercury/Saturn is a tongue-tied aspect. We could say the wrong thing now or misinterpret what someone else is saying - keep this in mind. This makes me think we need to know what we are talking about. It makes me think of loose lips sinking ships and tight lips making our heads explode. It makes me think of censorship.

Trouble with authority. Trouble with rules. Trouble pushing our own agenda forward via language. Maybe stop signs involving a lack of credentials.

And remember we are Saturn, too - it could just as easily be a younger person/newer idea wanting to speed past us that we are putting the brakes on. We could be stopping ourselves because we just don't know what the hell to do or say or think. We could hear a "NO" now. We could say "NO" or be the one making a firm decision. 


Facts could be delivered that might not be to our liking, but keep in mind this is NOT the final square just yet. Mercury is all about movement - so, are we staying or are we going?


Millions of people are going back into lock-down. Millions of people are heading back to the polls fearing/burdened by what we think we know. Millions of people are at odds via old and imbalanced situations with their partners/authority. This is how the patriarchy ends - and I know that's not what it looks like - it looks like patriarchal power is being cemented. Because that's also happening. This is a planet of polarity. The South Node is in Sagittarius - we are confronting our lack of faith in life, folks. And the way we see/perceive what we believe. We are in grad school now, this isn't easy stuff.

At the same time Venus is opposing wounded masculine Chiron in Aries (and remember from his/her perch in Libra, Mercury is answering to Venus - so is Uranus, Venus is very powerful right now) opposing wounded masculine Chiron in Aries. This pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps is getting old. Plus who has bootstraps anymore? Relationship, financial, self-esteem issues are triggering older woundings/fears that we are probably only unconsciously aware of. We might feel all alone/unlovable. Or there is not enough money. Or maybe no matter how hard we try to be fair or cooperative there is still this HURT. Hopefully we are finding those supportive relationships - or allowing what we have to be more supportive - there is something here about the space we speak to in others being the space that responds/replies/reacts to us. Shoot for high ground/speak to their high heart. Hopefully well-timed financial resources come in, too. Is that possible? YES. More likely than unlikely I think. Venus is our most benevolent/beneficial energy and she is impacting multiple other energies/multiple spaces of our chart/our life! Hang in there. This is a process and she has multiple squares to Mars ahead of her yet.

TUESDAY - At 12:49PM EDT, Mercury stations direct in Libra. A CHANGE of direction. What was heading that way is now heading this way. Our thinking can change. Our health can change. Our day-to-day situation/habits can change. Our relationships/other people can change. Mercury is conjunct asteroid Haumea (Hawaiian fertility Goddess - what is needing to be born through this change of direction?). In a way, with this week-long square to Saturn - this is us moving past the frustration/tension, but today can be cray-cray.

At the same time Pallas in inconjunct the North Node. Rocks and hard places. Making practical adjustments (maybe to authority, to rules/limits)  to get where we want to be. Keep in Mind Mercury is the ruler of the North Node, so this is likely all the same thing as his station. Adjust. Small steps. Keep things light/local. Pallas is in traditional Cappy, what worked last time?


Venus is inconjunct Uranus. Breakdowns/breakthroughs/breakups in relationships/finances. Changes creating imbalances. Disorder/chaos interrupting the fairness of some situation. Keep in mind inconjuncts are rocks and hard places. There are no real winners, but they don't have to be lose/lose either - adjust both sides. Keep moving. 

Mercury tends to be confusing/mayhem-producing (even sometimes dangerous) at station - he is the trickster after all. The last time the U.S. election had a stationing Mercury was in 2000. We went to bed (here on the east coast) thinking Gore had won, woke up to a contest too close to call. Weeks later the Supreme Court ended the Florida recount and the state of Florida - governed by the brother of the winning candidate - declared George W Bush the winner (a continued, although unofficial recount later showed Gore had actually won Florida). The Moon will be in Gemini passing over Trump's North Node, Sun and Uranus and Harris's North Node, Ascendant. She will square foggy and confusing Neptune around dinnertime. It's almost certain we won't have a clear answer right away or that we come to the wrong conclusion first. 


FRIDAY - So now Mercury is back squaring Saturn - this is in play all week - but, Mercury is direct now. The final/final. What do we know that we know. There could be a breakthrough here. Or maybe our authority is challenged. Or maybe we face a difficult limiting choice. Take your time with important decisions now. Think things through. One door closes for another door to open and the Full Moon spoke of us being more liable to notice what is ending.

SATURDAY - the Sun meets Juno at 16 degrees Scorpio. 3rd Quarter Moon in Leo. 

With the Sun in Scorpio (deep/intense) and the Moon in "let's make something/go have fun" Leo - the square is likely to be about lightening up, letting go of our need to control the situation. With the Sun meeting Juno at the same time this can be about partnership transformations. Getting to the bottom of things. Intense conversations. Intimacy. In Scorpio, Juno can raise issues of abandonment, infidelity, inequality or lack of commitment. She starts a new solar cycle in this intimate/transformative sign and can show us the way to move toward a new kind of relationship - one based on mutual respect and on continual renewal. This can also be about a completion/ending.


There's some other stuff we'll talk about in the dailies. 


Keep in mind there will be some havoc before we reach the mid-late November light at the end of the tunnel. Make some room in your schedule. Take care of yourself. Get enough rest/water. Ask yourself, "what would someone who loves themselves do in this situation?". 


Do that. 

xo all


photo by the talented photoflake

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