Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, November 20, 2020 - taking action, especially independent action, will feel better than over-thinking/over-analyzing, long void Moon ahead - plan to chill out


The Moon, in Aquarius now so nurtured through ideas/groups/common goals/technology, squares a retrograde Uranus at 5:41AM EST, squares Mercury at 3:15PM EST, and goes void at 7:48PM EST off a sextile to Mars. She moves into watery Pisces at 11:06PM TOMORROW. So, void tonight and most of the day and night tomorrow - keep this in mind. A break from tech then can be particularly regenerating.

The squares to Uranus and Mercury can make us antsy today. Maybe apt to saying things we might regret later. Overthinking situations. Scorpio wants to focus/merge. Aquarius wants to think ahead/detach. Uranus in Taurus pulls in changes/disruptions with our resources/values/self-esteem.

The best aspect today is that sextile to Mars.


Action will feel good. Independent or innovative action will feel even better. 


Mulling things over/overthinking/thinking too far ahead will not feel so good. So, what needs to be done regardless? Mars is kind of sitting in place until November 24th. We are moving forward and getting our ducks in a row all at the same time. 


This is the last day of Venus in her home sign. Tomorrow she will replace the Sun in Scorpio as the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Collectively, they'll be no more energies in cordial Libra. Keep this in mind.

Tonight/tomorrow's long void Moon would be a good time to relax. Chill out. Nothing will come of anything during a void Moon anyway, and we have two planets changing signs, so keep your actions routine - it's not the time to launch anything. It is an excellent time to be creative. 


Time gets stretchy. 

xo all - we'll look ahead to the Eclipses this weekend, so stay tuned ...

photo by the talented misspaperclip

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