Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, November 26, 2020 - power plays, excess, reality checks, limits, traditions challenged, faith, courage, finding the bright side, giving thanks



The Moon in fiery and independent Aries is put through her paces with pretty much nonstop squares to the Cappy planets. Our actions/personal ambitions/what we do to get what we want - challenged by rules/limits/authority/tradition. 


The power plays (square to Pluto) come in the a.m. followed by the excess (pie!), exuberance and clashing beliefs (her square to Jupiter) and finally by evening her square to Saturn - limits, reality checks (how much pie did we eat!). We make our annual 911 call on Uncle Freddie. Except Uncle Freddie is eating his turkey from a Swanson pan in front of the telly this year, so he's saved from spiking the eggnog again and spending another restless night in the slammer. Who says we can't find things to be grateful for this year? Not me!

The best news today is the Sun's trine to a retrograde Chiron. 


The Sun in Sag is hopeful/confident/doing his "sun" thing. 


The smooth trine (brakes off) to hurting/healing Chiron speaks of our vulnerability somehow allowing us to shine BRIGHTER. A weakness might be on display, BUT it is this very weakness/our Aries human-ness, that allows the LIGHT in, so we can feel BETTER. 


With Chiron in Aries (like our beleaguered Moon) here is our way through any lunar/emotional struggles. SAGITTARIUS (finally not Scorpio!). Faith. Hope. Courage. Embracing the stretch. Finding the bright side/the gold in the mud.

Today's aspects so perfectly represent the United States 2020 Thanksgiving - limits on what we want to do, new ways challenging old traditions - and a road through the morass. A high road. Faith. Hope. Courage. Optimism. Gratitude. Embracing the journey/stretch. Deciding what we are thankful for now.


Happy Thanksgiving America (and Happy Thursday to everyone outside the U.S.)!


xo all

photo by the talented Snezhana Morozova

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