Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, November 27, 2020 - a powerful day of transformation, letting go of what we used to love/want, time to commit or quit, opportunity for change



The Moon moved into Taurus last night - the sign of her exaltation. We are nurtured through comfort, nature, feeling good feels especially good. Lacks of security/a soft space to fall - can be more acutely felt. She inconjuncts the Sun - this month's Waxing Inconjunct - meets a retrograde Uranus and then opposes Venus (in Scorpio). At the same time we have Venus moving into her exact opposition with Uranus. 

The Waxing Inconjunct - rock and a hard place during this month's lunar growth phase - is Taurus/Sagittarius. One way to look at inconjunct planets is that they are trine planets, but at different/awkward phases because, for example, planets in early Taurus will actually trine planets in late Sagittarius. Early Taurus - fresh off Aries courage and newness - wants to own something, be something, but the actual 'something' hasn't solidified yet and this works well with late Sag where we are maybe bored with the adventure and looking forward to the upcoming Capricorn grounding. It's like the point in our vacation where we are ready to go back to work. See what I mean?

But today with planets at the same degree of Taurus and Sagittarius the energies are not so complimentary. This is happening at 5 degrees - so again, early Taurus, here's the Moon - fresh with Aries courage and newness and wanting to solidify/own 'something'/get those seeds into the ground, but now early Sagittarius, too - here's the Sun - so just starting on that adventure (vacation). The Sun wants to explore/go where no man/woman has gone before and the Moon wants to hunker down, pull on some warm flannels and bake cookies. The inconjunct says no one is going to really win here. Adjustments are needed. The basics (Taurus) must be taken care of before the adventure, but we ignore the call to adventure at the detriment of the 'basics'.

At the same time the Moon is aligning us, emotionally, with change-maker Uranus and opposing Venus, Venus is reaching her exact opposition to Uranus. Whenever we have multiple aspects saying the same thing we know this is important.

Venus is in Scorpio - wanting to go deep, get to the bottom-line, get to the truth, merge/purge, bury what is dead. Uranus is in Taurus upending our security/resources/values. Oppositions are culmination points. So, HERE are the results. 

Secrets can come out. Financial/sexual truths faced. This can be chaotic. This can be liberating.  


Uranus is retrograde, so this is not new news, but if we have been lying to ourselves, something might hit us over the head now. Keep in mind Uranus is in Venus's sign - he is not only shaking up the status quo (and because Taurus likes things the way Taurus likes things this is probably not stuff that we want shaken), but also activating unusual desires in us, unexpected ways to invest/make money, new situations/people/things to LOVE.

At the same time, Mercury conjuncts Juno (22 Scorpio) and then sextiles Pluto (23 Cappy). Here's our way through these Moon/Venus/Uranus challenges. 

Mercury's meeting with Juno is the last of three. They met on September 30th and (with Mercury retrograde) on October 19th. Here's the final agreement/contract. Signatures are put on dotted lines now. Commitments made. Or what is dead gets buried. The intense conversation/confession/information - and we've been back and forth over this - within a close relationship, now through this sextile to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio, so both Mercury and Venus are answering to him) creates a powerful transformation. We are able to let go/move on. Or we are able to commit. Commit or quit. Cure or kill. There is a definite 'before and after' quality to this conversation/this paperwork/this agreement.

I think the liberating Venus/Uranus - with Uranus retrograde - allowing us to let go of what we used to love - in a way that connects us to the future. And that sextile to Pluto allowing this to happen in an empowering and opportunistic way. What a day and this energy is pulled into this weekend's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so will be playing out for a bit ....

xo all

photo by the talented musicandphotography

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