Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, November 19, 2020 - going deep and then taking responsibility for what we find there


The Moon continues her journey through sober Capricorn meeting up with all the Cappy planets. She conjuncts Pluto at 2:58AM EST, Jupiter at 4:42AM EST and finally Saturn at 10:51AM EST. At 11:15AM EST she squares Venus and then goes void off an intense and opportunistic sextile with the Scorpio Sun at 11:29AM EST. 


That's alot before lunch, so we'd better pace ourselves! She will be void until 3:25PM EST when she moves into lighter/higher Aquarius. 

Today's Waxing Sextile - Capricorn/Scorpio - asks us to integrate/harmonize the events of last week's New Moon in Scorpio.  


This Scorpian situation - the loss, death, financial, intimate story-line the dark Moon has asked us to walk with/move through/deal with gets some earthy traction through solid/stabilizing Capricorn. 


If we swim out of those dark Scorpian waters we can reach a shoreline. We can find some grounding. Just do the thing that is right there to do. Stand up. The opportunity (sextile) comes through combining the deep/intense with the sober/practical. Big girl pants on now is the key to this situation. Standing in our power. Taking responsibility. Being realistic. What would a Capricorn/grown-up/your grandmother do? 


Do some of that. 


At the same time - and keep in mind the Moon (in Cappy) is squaring Venus today - Venus squares Saturn (ruler of Cappy, strong in his home sign). Here's her final Cappy square (she has already squared Jupiter and Pluto) with both Venus and Saturn direct and in their home signs. 


Keep in mind what is happening this year because Venus (relationships/resources/justice/fairness/feminine) is a very BIG part of the 2020 storyline.


Venus is strong in Libra. When I wrote the weekly back on Sunday I wrote my usual Venus/Saturn - the wall/the no, feeling unloved/unwanted/old, and that might be true/trueish, but what else is true is we can't discount the strength of Venus in her home sign! There's still that Saturnian pressure, especially within our relationships, but we've got the divine Goddess in all her power, too!


While Saturn has spent 2020 holding court in Cappy - with a whole lot of energies answering to him. Venus (our love, relationships, money, resources, women) finally gets into her home sign after a hell of a year and she finds herself having to deal with this outer authority crap. No way around this. No way out. Financial crisis. Relationship imbalance. What's the girl to do? Well, alot actually. Venus (as us) is our divine Goddess energy and she is strong and stable in her home sign of Libra. She (as us) is fair, powerful, just, can attract what she needs - CATCHES MORE FLIES WITH HONEY - the most natural of feminine skills can be put to good use here.


Maybe we shouldn't be so fast to agree she is less powerful than Saturn - this keeps us stuck in the old game where we are agreeing something/someone else is more powerful/needed/stronger than we are! 

Keep in mind where we are. We are past the point in the game where we always died before. It is normal to be afraid/unsure, but we are going to have to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. We don't have to get this exactly right. One right step will lead to the next. And then to the next. Life is no longer about 'what is going to happen' - it is about 'what we are going to do' - the happen part has happened. 

Stay in your power. Stay in your integrity. Saturn is weeks away from leaving Cappy for Aquarius and won't be back for 29 years. He co-rules Aquarius, so is looking forward to this new leg of his journey. Believe me, he (authority) is as sick of these rules/limits/kings as everyone else. Aquarius is co-ruled by Uranus and Uranus is in Taurus and will be during Saturn's entire transit of Aquarius and Uranus is answering to VENUS. These two energies are old friends, not enemies. It's a good thing we are only getting so far right now although we can't see that yet. Jupiter/Pluto is still in play until the 24th and that's when Mars finally gets off that 15th degree of Aries - this is powerful/transformational energy and we have access to this for all these days for a reason. 

For today we have that Scorpio/Capricorn sextile - go deep and then take responsibility for what you find there.

xo all


photo by the talented livingloudphoto

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