Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, November 8, 2020 - relationship spotlights, needing an eraser or a lawyer or a paternity test, needing to have some fun


The Moon is in Leo now and the big news today is her square to the Sun (in Scorpio) this morning. This month's Third Quarter Square. At the same time we've got the Sun meeting Juno (16 degrees). 


Juno is about our relationships/commitments/contracts. The Sun shines a spotlight - of the intense/penetrating white hot variety - and closes out/begins a new cycle. Happening at the same time as this frustrating Third Quarter Square (which keep in mind is clearing the ground for the Scorpio New Moon on the 15th and we ignore this 'clearing out' part at our own peril) AND as we prepare for tomorrow's Venus vs Mars title bout we'll talk about in the upcoming weekly, makes this energy even more potent.

Scorpio/Leo is hidden truth/life and death power vs ego/kingly power. The Wizard of Oz vs the Man Behind the Curtain. Leo/Scorpio can also be fun/joy vs passion/intensity. What we do in public vs what we do in secret. Happening with the Juno/Sun conjunction speaks of contracts that need to be re-written. Maybe because one party has not held up their end (ie had the audacity, for better or worse, to change) or maybe the expiration date has come and gone. With Juno apt to do what she has to do to hold things together - maybe hidden compulsions, manipulations, jealousies need to be dealt with.


If things that were previously agreed upon (spoken and not) needs to rehashed - here is a powerful cosmic portal to figure out the new terms. 

Our relationships are at the very heart of these immense 2020 challenges/changes. Especially our primary relationships. Our partner is our biggest mirror. It is sometimes hard to see how changes in them are mirroring changes in ourselves, but they are. Good relationships can feel really good now. Expired ones can feel like they are eating us alive. Challenging relationships that help us create "oneness" with "the other" are incredibly powerful. A commitment to someone else is ultimately a commitment to ourselves (which is why the expired ones with the cracked fun-house mirrors are so deadly). The Moon in Leo says 'choose yourself", oxygen mask on your own face first. The Sun in Scorpio says "merge or purge", go big/deep or go home, commit or quit. 

So, what needs to change? 

xo all

The collective is given a choice - the King or the Truth? The daddy who tells us what we want to hear or the daddy who shows us what we need to know (although with Jupiter in Capricorn there is an inflated sense of seriousness/fear here, keep this in mind). The patriarchy is crumbling and getting stronger. This is happening within ourselves, too. So, which daddy is the real daddy? Is there a paternity test out there for this kind of stuff yet? What is happening now as Jupiter meets Pluto for the third and final time - will probably show us what we are unconsciously asking to know.

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