Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, November 5, 2020 - sensitivity, intimacy, coming home to our deepest feelings, relationship give and take


The Moon has come home to Cancer. We could be feeling more sensitive/moody if things don't go our way. More comfortable/cozy when they do. Either way our focus turns to home, family, renovation, home business, family business, real estate, mothering, patriotism. 

She sextiles a retrograde Uranus at 9:18AM EST (opportunity for change), squares Venus (in Libra) at 1:22PM EST (tension/frustration within relationships, with cooperation/fairness), trines the Sun at 8:06PM EST and finally squares a retrograde/antsy Mars at 11:08PM EST (feeling defensive, discontented avoid taking things too personally). 

The Moon's trine to the Scorpio Sun is this month's Waning Trine - Cancer/Scorpio. 


We can share deep/intense feelings or we can personally dive into them all by ourselves. The comfort comes through intense experiences. This is good energy for emotional discussions/sharing what we are really feeling. Trines create smooth flow - the brakes are off - if you need to cry, it's time to cry. Whatever you feel, allow yourself to really feel it.  Pent up emotions can be released, especially pertaining to whatever the Taurus Full Moon has brought to light or culminated. 


At the same time Mars (retrograding through Aries) inconjuncts Juno at 15 degrees Scorpio. This is a relationship/partnership even a male/female 'rock and a hard place'. Maybe one partner's inability to move forward or their old anger/impatience is coming up against (with Juno in Scorpio) intimacy/financial situations/bottom lines - that seem to need to be addressed. Juno in Scorpio can make things feel more 'life and death' than they really are, keep this in mind. Mars retrograde isn't a time to force/push/hurry - he will be in forward motion soon enough (just a few more days) and we will go over all of this again from a more powerful position. In the meantime inconjuncts require adjustments on both sides and some learning to live with 'what is' for the time being. There probably isn't a win/win here. If properly managed, inconjuncts are more like - nobody really wins, but nobody has to really lose either.


Today's waning trine - Cancer/Scorpio can help (sharing intimate feelings).

Tomorrow the Moon will oppose that Cappy line-up, so really starting late tonight (with that Mars square) the energies get more challenging. Breathe.


xo all

photo by the talented Malika117


Jeanine said...

Thank you for your time and energy for this. I am a new learner and am having difficulty grasping this concept. You broke it done simply enough for me to get a better grip, Namaste. Have a blessed week/weekend, shoot have a blessed life. ;)

Catherine Ivins said...

Thank you Jeanine. Namaste xo