Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, November 7, 2020 - taking care of ourselves, angry outbursts, delays, cleaning things up, having some fun



The Moon, in Leo now, floats through most of the day unaspected, finally coming to square a retrograde Uranus at 5:49PM EDT - so there could be something #unexpected, #not unexpected tonight. The Moon in Leo turns our focus to children, romance, fun/recreation, our creative projects and natural spotlight. She also turns our focus to the "king". 

There are a bunch of persnickety (is this a word, I don't know why I am wanting to write it) aspects today including the Sun (at 15 Scorpio) inconjunct Mars (retrograde in Aries). We might find ourselves abruptly angry or angry over old situations (or delays). Take your time. Don't push. Avoid actions motivated by fear/anger. Try to avoid unnecessary altercations. Scorpio/Aries is passionate, but dangerous.


(Mars is slowed WAY down/stopped, expect delays and irritation because Mars in Aries isn't one for sitting still!)

One smooth aspect I see today is Venus sextile Hygiea (Hygiea by the way is no minor celestial body - she is the 4th largest asteroid in our Solar System), making this a good day to take care of ourselves. Clean up/air out our physical space. Do something healthy. Hygiea is in Leo, too, now (like our Moon) - so taking care of ourselves includes having fun. Try that.

Going to look ahead to the rest of the month tonight - Jupiter meets Pluto again, for the third and final time, something HUGE is wanting to happen next week. Buckle up.


xo all 

photo by the talented Rona-Keller

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