Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - what needs to be said, what needs to come out of the shadows, what's finished or needs to be, dealing with reality


The Moon is in Virgo. We are nurtured through service, organization, taking care of things, dotting our i's and crossing our t's. She opposes a retrograde Neptune at 3:42PM EST then goes on to sextile the Scorpio Sun at 4:53PM EST. Later she will start to trine the Cappy planets - Jupiter at 10:54PM EST and Pluto at 11:20PM EST (the trine to Saturn happens tomorrow). 


This month's Waning Sextile (opportunity) - Scorpio/Virgo - might speak of breaking something down (that is overwhelming/intense) into smaller, more manageable pieces. Bringing something out of the shadows and dealing with it by dealing with it. At the same time Mercury (Virgo's ruler) returns to Scorpio, so our conversations and communications go deeper/more real. This is the third time Mercury is walking these degrees, so whatever we are taking about, thinking about, reading - probably won't be about a totally new situation. With the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday promising new growth if we just clear the damn land, something should be completing here. 

This is also the day the Sun trines Neptune, so we have the Moon opposing Neptune as the Sun trines. Something here about fantasy/escape vs reality. Maybe we are lost in lalaland and need to come back to earth. Maybe we are trying to get to the bottom of things, but it's like dealing with trap doors and there is no bottom. Remember how life works - we will just see more and more of what we think we are seeing/what we are looking for. At some point we have to deal with the reality that is. With the Moon in realistic Virgo this can be that point. 

As Mercury returns to Scorpio he/she trines Ceres who has just returned to Pisces. These intimate/intense conversations/information can be delivered (again) in a compassionate/understanding way. 

Keep in mind with Mercury returned to Scorpio, after a long back and forth through Libra, we can also see situations as more dire/worse than they actually are. And the Moon in Virgo can be quite fussy at times. We don't need to toss the baby (who won't like this very much) out with the dirty bathwater. We don't need to scorch the earth to clear some land.

But if we're carrying around a dead rabbit and calling it our french poodle, if we are still tethered to an expired contract (and Mercury's back and forth through Libra and Scorpio should have cleared this up for us - we should know now) here is where a realistic and compassionate plan can be made to unwind something/finish it up. 

xo all


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photo by the talented RaphaelleM

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