Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - Mercury stations direct!



The Moon in Gemini (the sign of duality, so information might swing back and forth) inconjuncts the Scorpio Sun then squares a retrograde Neptune at 5:42PM EDT (confusion, be sure to double check paperwork, don't believe everything you hear tonight). With the Moon answering to a stationing Mercury and connecting to Neptune, prayers for a peaceful outcome, divine guidance and fairness will be very powerful.


The waning inconjunct Gemini/Scorpio speaks of the need to address emotional/intense topics - things we don't really want to talk/think about. This will likely connect back to whatever results/endings are coming from last weekend's Full Moon in Taurus.

The BIG news, Mercury stations direct (12:50PM EDT) at 25 degrees Libra (squaring Trump's natal Venus, conjunct Harris's Sun and in Biden's 10th house - last minute campaign efforts to get the vote out can turn things around). Information comes in. People get back to us. Decisions are made. Stories that have been held up since mid-October can begin to move forward (keep in mind it takes Mercury a few days to get back up to speed!). 


Relationship imbalances have been weighed out and adjustments have been/will be made. Mercury won't be covering totally new ground for a couple weeks, but headway can be made now and over the next few days.

Take care during Mercury's direct station - remember the moving finger through a candle analogy and what would happen if your finger stops over the flame - that's kind of where we are now, although with Mercury answering to a strong Venus in her home sign, hopefully Mercury's usual cray-cray situations won't be too bad. The Moon will move over Trump's natal Sun, this election being all about him and the news focus will go there. If this upsets you, just turn it off. If you've done your part and voted, you've done what you can and your eyes glued to the telly won't help anyone. 


Your prayers might though. 


The Moon will be void for most of the day tomorrow making it a good day to chill out. 

xo all

photo by the amazing Natalia Ciobanu

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