Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, November 23, 2020 - are we awake or are we still dreaming? bring an umbrella and maybe a box of tissues, and your paintbrush bring that, too - a very Pisces kind of day




If you got through Sunday without a rip-roaring row you get a gold star! Or through this weekend without something breaking down? Or breaking off? Maybe right in your hand? Pat yourself on the shoulder. Use both hands - give yourself a real pounding. 


Now it's time for a few deep breaths. Like, quite a few deep breaths. Like we'll turn ourselves into a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon - is that a thing this year?!- (if it is, I'll be Lucy) with all the oxygen we will be sucking in. 


Then let's pull on our boots. The ground is muddy. And we walk from here.


I will get the weekly up tonight, but let's take a look at MONDAY, so we (and I guess I mean me here) don't fall behind.


The Moon is in Pisces. She trines Mercury at 8:37AM EST, meets Neptune at 10:31AM EST, sextiles Pluto at 8:17PM EST and sextiles Jupiter at 11:46PM EST. All smooth aspects - good for creativity, compassion, meditation. The past can feel more real then the present.

At the same time Mercury (at 18 degrees Scorpio) trines Neptune in Pisces. 


Neptune is going to station direct at the end of this week. Since the end of February we have had almost nonstop (there were a few weeks in between Mercury and Ceres) retrogrades through Pisces. So confusion about our confusion. Lack of boundaries. The spreading of contagions (thought viruses and actual viruses). 


So now, just before Neptune stations direct, Mercury in the middle of his/her journey through intense Scorpio moves into a smooth trine with Neptune. Are we further down the rabbit-hole or can we see/hear/say what we are seeing/hearing/saying? Has Mercury dug up enough TRUTH for us to question our illusions? Not that the call to fantasy is anywhere near over (Neptune in Pisces for another five years), but once Neptune stations direct at the end of the week, life will be quite a bit less confusing.

At the same time, the Sun in 'the bigger, the better' Sag squares Ceres in Pisces. My God, more Pisces! Rain, water issues, lack of boundaries, tears? What can we expect of all this today?


The Sun in Sag will expand possibilities but a square to anything in Pisces is reason enough to slow down for a second look, to keep our feet on the ground/our boat tied to the dock. Sag/Pisces can create a kind of hyper idealism, so be cautious with big promises. With Sag's ruler Jupiter in sober Capricorn - things can also look worse than they actually are. Keep all this in mind today.


Ceres in Pisces accentuates/inflates the themes of both nurturing and loss/seasons of life. In Pisces, the final sign, the empty nest really is empty. The loss (whatever is out of our control) still hurts, but if Ceres isn't smother/mothering here, this can at least be gentle/gradual. But now, the Sun's square can bring something more immediate. A bright spotlight on something. Our attention via frustration/tension on what is outside our control/what is maybe ending. 


At the same time Venus is trining Ceres, so the solution lies in Scorpio (does the solution ever lie anywhere else?). Going deep. Balancing the books. Merging. Purging. Committing to something we've been half-assing. Not being afraid to look under the bed.

xo all

photo by the talented Crocodililachrymae

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