full moon in Gemini today + Uranus goes direct = lights, camera, action

gemini locket by polarity
Today's full moon in Gemini is in a part of the sky that has a Grand Central Station feel of action

Lots of multi-tasking and movement with this one - just in time for everyone to be rushing about with last minute Christmas stuff, so try to stay centered.

If everyone puts a little energy into being the calm in the storm, the storm is definitely downgraded.

(maybe this is what happens when meteorologists are predicting blizzards and we only end up with a light dusting - of course on the other side of this is all those kids praying for snow days)

We also have Uranus finally moving direct again in Aries (if you have any major planets - Sun, Moon or Ascendent in Aquarius you will probably see something move forward now, maybe a big old something) and Venus is about to go retro (heads up, even for Aquarius, this could effect those moving ahead plans, see my last post).

Uranus will be in Aries until 2018 so we've got more revolutions and revelations coming, folks. In the negative this is kind of an erratic energy - the rebel without a cause stuff and the kind of brilliant inventiveness that leads to the breakthroughs that ask 'can we do this' but forgets to think about 'should we do this' ... Uranus is really always pushing us to give up the idea of success or failure and realize the real power is in the attempt at something new. Uranus loves the new and unique and always pushes us to try something else.

In the positive Uranus in Aries is some fierce stuff that can truly create real change. Uranus will not be led. Uranus likes a community of equals - Uranus asks us 'who is your tribe" - he loves cooperative ventures and collaboration (I posted a PDF on the right side of my blog on creative collaborations from a course I taught last year with Lisa Jacobs and Tim Adams - collaboration is something you might want to be thinking about).

This is not a 'safety in numbers' kind of energy. Any connections built on the fear of being alone or the fear of standing up for what you truly believe in and being yourself will surely be shown the door  during this cycle.

Uranus is very big on integrity; not just the honesty part but the definition that speaks of wholeness - what you see is what you get, walking our walk and talking our talk.

Uranus loves truth-tellers - so anything not in integrity will come up to be looked at and resolved or dissolved over the next few years. Uranus is the planet that opposes everyone's natal position when we are around the age of 42 - can anyone say mid-life crisis - in Aries I think the entire planet is going to have a mid-life crisis.

(this will not involve flashy cars and older husbands running off with younger girls or maybe it will for some people - but Uranus is much, much deeper than this)

We will just expect the unexpected - we have been doing this for the last few years anyway - and prepare for a thrilling and maybe a little bumpy ride - yes, our seat belts are gone now - seat belts are funny things, they may protect us from injury but they also prevent us from sticking our heads out the window - it's time to stick our heads out of the window, folks - we can comb our hair later.

(when I get to that Goddess series and those Goddess charts - I promise this will be soon - we will see how the Goddess Oya embodies the Uranus energy, but you can Google her if you are interested)

This full moon in Gemini is all about communication so things will probably come up now that has us thinking about the way we get our points across, the way we present our ourselves, the way we show up.

Get outside tonight and walk in that full moon- the energy is especially strong in the winter and this is our last full moon of 2013 - an excellent time for makers to wind up their seasons.

In my own life this 'way we communicate' has come home for me in a very big way. I am wrapping up my shipping tomorrow and then will be blogging again later in the week on all the mayhem here.
xo everyone

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KJ said...

It is the holiday season Cat, mayhem is to be expected.