ok I'll shut up now .....

I'm not really armed.

I mean I have arms ... and legs ... and some wee part of my brain still functioning, at least functioning enough to know I have been AWOL.

I had a crazy experience at yoga

(and by 'at yoga' I mean doing a yoga DVD is my bedroom).

I did a kind of buttock stretch and started crying .. and I cried and I cried - it was .. well, I don't know what it was. Something must have come unstuck, something that has left me a little wombly.

(I know this is not really a word, but I think you will know what I mean - kind of like wobbly but with an extra does of ... something).

I tell hubs about this and ask him what he thinks this means and he says "google it".
"Google yoga made me whombly?"

I tell myself I've released something pinned up in my kidney, spine or liver - are any of these things back there? I imagine all the cells in my body dancing and releasing toxins.

Then I get into hub's truck yesterday because I forgot to renew my car registration again and have to drive his truck until I can get to the DMV or MVC or whatever we call it now and he has a huge, like 6 feet tall antenna on the roof and a huge, CB radio bolted to the floor.

(where did this come from? he claims he bought it last summer. did I live here last summer? how do I not know about this?)

It's like I am living in an alternate universe.

I think the wombly may have shifted me into a different timeline; one where I am married to BJ. I keep looking for the monkey.

(and if you are under 40, you will probably not know what the hell I am talking about here, consider yourself lucky)

Hopefully this dry spell will end soon and I will sputter out my usual nonsense, in the meantime I hope everyone enjoys their holiday tomorrow! xo all


lynn bowes said...

We hold our issues, both physical and mental, in various parts of our bodies which is part of why our shoulders hurt, our backs hurt, our hips hurt, our guts and innards. When one of those places gets unstuck, Katy bar the door!

(Between you and me, yoga has done that to me and I've seen it happen to others.)

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Hey Cat! I hope you are finding yourself less stuck these days... Lately somehow I've been so open to just letting it all go. I know for years, I've always been on the look out for change and growth and something more or better than what I can do with my own two hands... maybe you just need a change, or a fresh start, or another angle of things that is more of the profit with less of the stress? Maybe it's time for a new chapter, a shift.

Maybe I am referring to myself here, but I think I just came to realize gradually over the course of the year this year, that it might not be realistic for me, to make the kind of living I want to make, being a maker. And while I am still at the beginnings of trying to find my way in this new mindset, I feel like I've opened myself up somehow for endless opportunity, because I'm not 'stuck' on being a maker anymore. There are so many other good ways to contribute to this earth, making art is only just one of them. ♥

I need to try yoga, and find a way to stretch out my back without laying on the floor. I think it would feel good to hang upside down, but I don't know how to get myself up there...

KJ said...

I love yoga.

You did not tell us how your google search turned out. Do you think if you found it on google they might try to return it?

It is good that you let go of whatever it was. I hope you are feeling lighter in some way.

Enjoy the day.

Catherine Ivins said...

well Kathy, years ago George googled 'room spinning' when I had vertigo and he wanted a quick fix so we could go out to dinner - he kept telling me he wasn't coming up with anything and I knew there was a technique I had used before on youtube - of course I thought he was googling vertigo or dizziness not 'room spinning' so you see what I am dealing with here ...

bar the door is right Lynn! the feeling has been more of an untethering than a release - more like I was released than something was released from me ...
but with a sadness like I didn't want to leave ... whatever that means

I feel like this too Janelle - being an artist is just the way you live your life, not what you are making. I like the way you say new mindset because that's just where I am too