Mercury Sextile Saturn | an opportunity for new ideas to create stability

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So we have two themes this week that are marching us toward Sunday's eclipse - one is the fiery Mars energy I wrote about yesterday and the other is Mercury's connection with the other planets during his last few days in Aquarius.

After his conversation with Jupiter earlier in the week, Mercury (mind, communication, ideas) is now sextile (opportunity) Saturn (time, work, structure, stability, authority).

This is good energy for unusual, cutting-edge, new and even revolutionary communications and conversations to work within existing structures - to be taken seriously.

Ideas about new ways of doing things can be discussed with authority figures. This is excellent energy for new ideas to solve long term problems. It's a time to organize our most unorthodox ideas to give them the legs they need to grow.

Organize your ideas and thoughts. Write them down. 

No one else will take us seriously until we take ourselves seriously, so what do we need to do to treat that new "whatever it is" with respect. There may be more questions than answers now and that's OK.

The opportunities here come simply through working with the energies - combining the new and unusual with the old and tested. It is the meshing (sextile) of these two energies that makes the magic happen.

If we have been over-working Aquarius rebelliousness or looking a little too far into the future or been a bit too detached from a situation, Saturn can sober us up now. We could also have contact with an older or more experienced or more stable person (Saturn) who has just the info or guidance we need. Maybe more self-discipline with our words and communication is needed.

On the flips-side if we have been over-working the old sober Saturnian stuff that just doesn't cut it anymore we could have contact with a newer, younger, maybe less-experienced, but more progressive thinker who could lighten our load. The opportunity comes from opening ourselves to something else now.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, Sagittarian themes (and the themes of our natal Sagittarius house) are in play - travel, foreign, politics, media, education, wedding, philosophy, marketing, publicity.

It will be important to present new ideas with respect to the person we are speaking with. And equally important to be open to new ideas. The space where these two energies intersect is where that pot of gold is waiting for us.

xo all

(see the weekly for more info on the energies at play this week)

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