Sun Sextile Uranus | letting your freak flag fly

welcome to the freak show by blacklacefigure
The Sun (in Aquarius) sextiles (opportunity) Uranus (in Aries) now.

This is good excellent energy to start something new!

The Moon is playing nicely with both Venus and Mars and she is waxing (growing) toward tomorrow's Full Moon in Sun ruled- Leo.  

All systems are go for our journey but there is one caveat. The road must be a road we have not traveled before. 

Since both Aquarius (although it rules groups) and Aries can be "go it alone" signs - one being individualistic and one being independent - this first step is likely a step we must take "on our own".

It could take us away from our comfort zone, away from the box, away from our peeps, away from the stuff that feels "safe".

The brave (and unique) girl gets the worm now.

This energy is about following our heart and not the crowd. Opportunities come through the way whatever we are presenting is different from established norms. JUST BE YOURSELF.

Sextiles are subtle energies so small things can lead to big things - the energies can also pass us by. Do something different today - a new route to work, read a book about some subject you are interested in but have never researched, sleep on the other side of the bed - you get the idea.

Or take that big bodacious leap into the unknown ... if not now, when? xo all

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