Venus into Aries | being brave, loving a challenge, attracting something new

warrior by Grinch7

Today, Venus moves from Pisces (where she has been exalted) into Aries, where she is thought to be in her detriment

(what do you think - does the woman in the photo above look like she is in her detriment?).

Aries Suns and ascendants (first house Aries) become more attractive - both able to attract what they want and easier on the eye. Everyone's Aries house becomes more attractive, too.

She'll travel to 13 degrees Aries (by March 4th), station retrograde, reverse course (from our view on Earth) until she gets to 26 degrees Pisces and then station direct on April 15th (yes, the planet that rules our money will be very strong, that whole finger through a flame thing, on tax day). It will take her until June 6th to finally make her way into Taurus. This is a LONG time for Venus to be in Aries and Pisces. Whatever we are dealing with now/or about to be dealing with is going to take a few weeks to unwind itself.

It is long considered 'fact' in astrology that Venus doesn't like being in the "me-first", take no prisoners sign of Aries and answering to Mars. I think this view is certainly skewed by patriarchy.

It's true Venus (love, women, money, resources, values) ruler of Taurus (comfort) and Libra (relationship) can attract what she wants in a less assertive/aggressive manner in other signs, but there are lessons for all of us about stepping into our personal responsibility here.

In Aries, Venus functions best when she puts herself first (and we are heading into the Leo North Node in May, for a couple years, where oxygen mask on ourselves first will move the collective forward). In Aries, women need to be thinking "what's best for me?".

In Aries, Venus is a WARRIOR (and love is a battlefield ... cue Pat Benatar).

With both Venus and Mars in Aries now - we can feel a pull toward something new and a push to take the actions needed to get it/make it happen. In Aries, Venus loves a challenge, so that shiny object just out of reach, could become something like an obsession.

Maybe we'll get it, maybe we won't. Maybe the desire will fizzle out - we have a long retrograde to figure it all out. Whichever way the story evolves, the thing that has grabbed our attention will have re-awakened some part of us that needed to wake up. By April 15th, we'll be in a brand new space in regard to some situation involving our Aries natal house theme and/or some situation Venus rules - love, money, resources, our values - everything money can buy and everything it can't.

Something to keep in mind as we give ourselves permission to go after what we want is the impulsive nature of Aries. If Venus was always in Aries our relationships would last 15 minutes and the things we bought/valued would very quickly fall out of favor and we'd be on to the next thing.

Today is also the day Juno (marriage) moves into Capricorn (serious, commitment) and she is squaring Venus in Aries - so she will be a player in our Venus retrograde story, too. There could be competition or issues around authority or commitment within our relationships. 

Juno in Capricorn represents seasoned relationship (even duty), strengthened by firm rules and commitment. Venus in Aries is fresh and fiercely independent and almost precisely the opposite. 

There is tension between these energies, over the next few weeks, as we figure out what works for us now.

Couples in business together, business relationships, whatever we are committed to and feel a duty toward will be challenged with a wake-up call from something else.

For today and this weekend there is a lovely Taurus Moon (think: comfort, nature) - enjoy it!!

xo all


DancingMooney said...

"whatever we are committed to and feel a duty toward will be challenged with a wake-up call from something else."

Eeek. I want smooth sailing, Cat. :)

One day at a time, I'll just keep paying attention. :)

Happy weekend to you.


Catherine Ivins said...

Me, too!! You have a nice weekend, too Janell! xo