Mercury Squares Uranus | a change of plans?

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Mercury (communication, information) in Capricorn squares Uranus (the unexpected, change) in Aries. News can be unexpected, surprising and even shocking. Plans can change. Our thinking can change.

The Moon (our emotions, women) is in compassionate Pisces and squaring Saturn (red light, time, authority, hard work) in Sagittarius (foreign, legal, politics, higher education, media, weddings).

Doesn't this all sound rather exactly like ex-Attorney General Yates (woman/Moon/Venus) using her authority to put a stop (Saturn) to the ban (Saturn) on immigration (Sagittarius) - an unexpected announcement/change of plans. And then getting a termination (Saturn) notice (Mercury) from Trump (Uranus) - another unexpected announcement/change of plans. AND Venus in Pisces (feminine compassion) is right now covering the same ground that Mars in Pisces (angry but unfocused masculine, protective masculine) walked last week. I believe it was also a female attorney in Brooklyn that issued the stay on the order this past Saturday. Amazing! And this is all part of a much bigger story that isn't over.

Now, the same energy that is so appropriately being played out in U.S. politics is at work in our own lives, too. 

New information changes an existing structure. Trying to hold onto the existing structure isn't going to work. Rules and commitments are shaken up. This is wildcard energy. See the weekly for more information. This is actually the easiest week of February - pace yourself.

xo all

NOTE - the Moon is void from 12:35PM to 4:45 PM EST - don't start anything new if you want something to "come of it", know that not much is likely to come of any problems that rear their heads then either, a good time for practiced routine work, a bad time to sign a contract or make a large purchase


DancingMooney said...

I've actually decided to cancel my health insurance. I was going to wait and see how things played out, but the fact of the matter is that the doctors never helped me when I was sick anyways... and those premiums have actually quietly been putting me into debt, more than it's helping. I know insurance is important. And I may get back on it next year, but for now, I feel healthy, I feel well, I feel strong. I feel comfortable not being covered even if for just a year, so I can put that money back into my own life and business. Almost $3000 I will save, or, get to put into something more useful and productive. I would rather see a holistic doctor anyways. ♥

This is the easiest week of February, huh? Will there be any party of 2017 that has a comfortable flow? Summer maybe? :)


Catherine Ivins said...

Makes sense to me - we have had many years when we weren't covered. The best I ever felt was when I was going to acupuncture every week but we can't afford that plus the insurance :( This is what the whole Venus retro thing will be about for most people - deciding what is most important, relationships and money tests - what we value, what we can live with, what we can't. One problem these days (and yes, I realize I sound/am old now) is the whole automatic payment thing - we don't touch our money anymore. We don't see it come in or out - we lose touch with it so easily. I have a friend who recently found out she had a very bad mortgage - she didn't know for years she wasn't paying any principal because she had an auto payment and never looked at her mortgage. The fact was hidden in small print on page 20 of her loan documents - the front page looked like a 30 year fixed mortgage. Our house has electric heat and for years and years we've said we need to fix it but then spring comes and we forget about it and we have probably lost thousands over the years, now we're waking up and have a person scheduled, but we could have done this years ago.... I think after we get through the Venus retro and Mercury retro so by early May things will be moving along more smoothly and we'll have that Grand Fire Trine (energy, excitement) and the North Node will move out of Virgo and into Leo. Leo energy can be way more fun than Virgo so hopefully we will all be feeling that!

DancingMooney said...

Ha! We have wall heaters in our house, which I hate! But, the climate here is such that, that's typical... some of them are old and needed to be replaced, so hubby tore them out... but has never replaced them. In the winter we just throw extra blankets on the bed, which I think is giving me a back ache! and then he buys this cute (but air drying) space heater that looks like a little fire place... so then we are boiling water and bringing it into the room for humidity... because I refuse to get a humidifier and plug 'that' in too. Efficiency is definitely high on the radar this year. Would love to have a pellet stove in our house someday.

My husband is a Leo. He is definitely more fun than I am, I can attest to that! :)

I hope your friend was able to refinance!

Love to you Cat. :)


Catherine Ivins said...

Love the boiling water! I've seen those little fireplaces - so cute. We have solar panels which help but in the winter there is almost no sun here. We've had some crazy bills. Our bills weren't bad until we turned the garage into a room - ugh. She couldn't refinance because her loan to value isn't good even though she put 15% down. Home prices are still down here from 2007.

xo back at ya!