Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 30th - news, ideas and important conversations

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Lots of news this week, so let's jump right into it!

On Monday (exact yesterday), Mercury (news, communications) is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The conversations we are having and the ideas we are sharing can be transformational. We are digging deep into whatever is happening. We are looking for the truth here. This will be about work, business, authority, all the structural underpinnings of our lives and/or our natal Capricorn house theme.

Pluto and Mercury bring the energy of investigation. If there is something you need to research - well, put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and grab your magnifying glass, the time is now.

This powerful meeting, along with Venus's move into her lengthy Aries/Pisces story, sets up the week ahead. Mars is in Aries now and all the planets are direct - get moving!

Venus (women, love, money, our values, our resources) starts to hit the degree she will re-walk during her upcoming retrograde - pay attention to what comes up now with any of these themes because we will be dealing with it again.

On Tuesday, Mercury (news, ideas, communications) still dealing with Pluto's structure-transforming energy now squares Uranus (if you are following American politics- remember every time I write Uranus this year, you can think - Trump) in Aries. This is wildcard energy. Maybe we get some surprising or shocking news. Maybe a spontaneous conversation or communication creates an unexpected reaction. Maybe we read something that gets us moving. With a planet in Aries squaring (tension) a planet in Capricorn - this is like the young (angry?) upstart creating trouble for the seasoned old timer. Rules and commitments can be shaken up now. This is excellent energy to fight for changes to the status quo via our words.

On Wednesday, Mercury - damn he's busy! expect lots of news and conversations this week  - sextiles (opportunity) Chiron in Pisces. Whatever is happening has the power to hurt ... and the power to heal. Stay positive.

On Thursday, Mercury (again - news, communications, ideas, also keep in mind Mercury rules our local neighborhood, siblings and transportation, in case something here is happening) squares Jupiter. This gives me the hope that whatever is happening will turn out for the best. We will be making plans for the future. We will be dealing with Jupiterian themes - legal, political, foreign, travel, higher education, media - maybe something here has outgrown the way we are currently dealing with it or maybe something here needs to be protected. With the big picture coming into focus, it is important to keep our attention on the details. Try not to over-promise or over-commit now. Soap box style pronouncements (over the top news) and arrogance are more likely.

On Friday, Venus exits watery Pisces, where she has been exalted, and moves into fiery Aries where she gets a tattoo and buys a Harley. Whatever is happening this week and into next, with our Venus themed love, money, values, women or beauty story, will be playing out until June. We will be figuring out what really matters here; what we really love and need. We will have eight planets in this area of the skies at the end of February and into March - whatever this story is for each of us, it will be BIG.

In Aries, our love, money, values and women, get fired up. There is initiative and confidence here. Aries Suns and ascendants get more attractive - both physically attractive and able to attract what they want. And so does everyone's natal Aries house.

I will write a post later in the week - just pay attention to what is happening this week in these areas because it is going to matter over the next few weeks as we go back and forth over the details.

The planets are forming a Cardinal T-Square. Cardinal signs initiate (they start the new seasons) and with Mercury the focus on the T-Square - we will likely feel pressure to do something with the news and information we are dealing with. So we'll do something. Last year we had those mutable aspects - all decisions, stuff in flux and uncertainties - this year our aspects will be cardinal. We will be taking action and starting things.

Words matter now, and they can take us in unexpected directions this week. It's best to stay focused on the facts and figures. Let's stay in our integrity (wholeness). We'll try not to spout off wild stuff that we can't back up - we'll try to be a little more understanding when people we do not agree with do this.

If an argument has been brewing or a conversation has been needing to happen, well, this is a good week for the words (or news, secrets, etc) that need to come out to come out. It might not feel good when it is happening but there is healing, and a larger story unwinding itself, too .... and the eclipses are coming.

xo all

(remember although it might not always feel like it - we really are all in this together)

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