Mercury Sextile Neptune | when a picture is worth a thousand words

Semidarkness by Natalia Drepina

With Mercury, our words and language, (in all-business, just get 'er done Capricorn) sextiling Neptune (strong in dreamy Pisces) for the third time since December 10th (look for patterns!), this could be a good time to bring some imagination and a little "pie-in-the-sky" language into our conversations and communications.

Sextiles are opportunities, but they are often subtle and we miss them.

This is great energy to talk about our dreams. Just saying the words out loud can bring us the clarity we need or maybe the person we are talking to says exactly what we need to hear. Or maybe someone else needs us to listen to them. Words are magical now - use them carefully or we can choose to let our images do the talking for us. 

We can use this energy in the reverse, too. We can ground (Capricorn) our dreamy, airy-fairy conversations in the real world. We need both grounded and stable Saturn (ruler of Capricorn - Mercury is answering to him now) and Neptune (our dreams and imagination) to get anything done. And here they are shaking hands again!

This is the year everyone gets 'unstuck' and sometimes unstuck means a physical change and sometimes it means the clouds part and the fog lifts. And what we believe changes.

Remember we live in a vibrational Universe, but also in a world of contrast.

Often creative people get “strategically placed” in areas that need huge energetic help.

People who carry the vibration of truth or beauty or patience or empathy or joy or courage, etc - you see where this is going -  can arrive like human “seed bombs” into the spaces and situations they are needed.

When we can begin to embrace the greater purpose to our situation we start to decrease the resistance to us moving along to something better.

Keep this in mind. Speak (Mercury) with compassion (Pisces).

xo all

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