Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 9th - changes in the weather and the leather

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Mercury (communication, information) is moving forward. Actually all the planets are moving forward for the next four weeks.

So, here we go!

On Monday, Eris stations direct at 22 degrees Aries. Eris's stations are sometimes a harbinger of violence in the world - so stay safe and calm, especially around people who are easily angered. Saturn (in Sagittarius - foreign, travel, education, media, publishing) trines (brakes off) Eris on Wednesday and Jupiter opposes this energy on the 17th - we'll see how all of this plays out.

At the same time Neptune focuses us on something going on in secret or behind closed doors, research, art, healing, addiction, escapism, things that have been put away.

On Tuesday, the Sun squares Uranus (in Aries) bringing a spotlight to sudden changes, shocking events and unexpected news particularly involving career or authority figures. We are building toward the Full Moon so results will show up now and maybe an ending. Whatever Mercury retrograde has been re-working in our life could bring news.

There is a very powerful Pluto/Mars aspect now - this is action creating meaningful change. There is also passion and impulsiveness here. With Mars in Pisces, actions may feel like they aren't really getting us anywhere (that Pisces floaty, drifty thing) when in fact they are getting us lined up with important transformational energies. Think strategy.

On Wednesday, the Sun squares Jupiter (in Libra) making us more optimistic, confident and even, dare I say, LUCKY. Now, the thing to remember about Jupiter is he is quite literally full of hot air and there is tension with this aspect. We can easily overdo whatever it is we are doing and this over-doing, over-feeling, over-the-top thing we might do can muck the whole thing up. Don't muck the whole thing up. Don't overdo or over spend or over commit now. Don't be a jackass. Stay humble. This is excellent energy to make a complete fool of ourselves.

On Thursday, Venus conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces). This is us getting what we want or this is what we want slipping through our fingers. This won't be something we have to work for - either way it will just happen.

We have the Full Moon in Cancer wrapping up something with our home or family, something started at the Cancer New Moon last summer or something involving the theme of our natal Cancer house. This is a BIG one involving all four cardinal signs. I'll do a post about it later this week.

Mercury re-enters Capricorn. Whatever news we hear now is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The Moon is void all day Thursday so don't start anything brand new unless you want "nothing to come of it".

As always, although I write about transits on the dates they are most exact they are building for days before and unwinding themselves for days after - keep that in mind.


Of course, I didn't finish the 2017 posts (!) - ugh. I will get back to them this week, or next weekend at the latest - we have some nice transits ahead for us in 2017 and some challenges.

I think the most important thing now is to focus on releasing whatever is not 'our hearts desire' (that upcoming Leo North Node). I always start with small things because small things are like acorns.

I have been feeling very "loaded down" and "heavy". Ten pounds off my physical body would feel pretty good right about now but since that would probably involve some actual physical exercise in the winter (is such a thing actually possible, I mean really?!) and passing on the guacamole I have been making almost everyday (I have no idea what this guac obsession is), I did the next best thing - I ditched my handbag.

I realized I rarely even open the damn thing except to pull out my debit card and occasionally my lipstick and I am always looking for it and dragging it around with me and since it could be made of leather (possibly, it was a gift) - it might actually be a dead thing I am carrying around which is exactly what I do not want to be doing!

I put my lipstick, debit card, a credit card, my driver's license and a few dollars in a coat pocket that zips. I feel about 10 pounds lighter (probably because I am 10 pounds lighter). I can even get my stretch jeans zipped more easily - go figure!

I am not sure how I will work this handbag-less thing when it's time to put away my winter coat, but I will think of something. For now, it's coat on and out the door. I am standing taller and walking more purposefully - I am not kidding! And, I am putting to bed any belief I could end up a bag lady ... because I can't ... since I won't own a bag.

... xo all


lynn bowes said...

Baggage. On that handbag thing, I have a friend who has never carried a purse. She carries a little wrist wallet with cash, ID, credit card, lipgloss, that's it. Of course, I have a bag obsession - not necessarily a purse thing but more of a bag thing. Tote bag, luggage bag, compartment zip bags, with a few purses thrown in. What's that all about, I wonder. Do I really need a smaller version on my home slung over my shoulder? That'll have me thinking all day.

Strategy has been playing a part here since last week and I'm happy to know that it is my best tack. I'm hoping to get my paintings into a big museum gift shop in Omaha and visited there last week to make contacts and lay the groundwork before I go in for the big 'ask'. Maybe I'm actually doing this the right way for once! We'll see in a month or so when I actually have a good collection together.

Staying in and staying warm. Warmish. Sifting through clutter and focusing on a move when the time is right.


Catherine Ivins said...

Your strategy sounds perfect! Now for some reason the wrist wallet has me thinking fanny pack although I once had a fanny pack for shows I loved. I got a bag from thredup to send them my handbags to sell, but the bag is still sitting here on the floor at my feet filled with my handbags ... sniffle. It feels great to not carry one. I have to work myself up to not having them floating in the background of my life somewhere. Well, I don't 'have to' this is probably just the crazy way I think. Staying warmish and cutting through clutter sounds perfect, too. xox