Sun Square Uranus | lead up to this week's Full Moon - tradition gets shaken up ....

her hands by Natalis Drepina

With the Sun, in Capricorn so answering to Saturn

(and I should say influenced by and not 'answering to' since the Sun, being the biggest big cheese of all, doesn't ever 'answer to')

squaring off with Uranus, the planet of the new and unusual - we might feel a strong urge to try something new now. Someone or something else could upset our apple cart, too, by doing things in a new way or acting unexpectedly. Restless energy can break through very stagnant and stifling walls, but could take the floors and ceiling out, too. Maybe they need to be taken out or maybe it just makes more of a mess to clean up.

This is a good time to try something else, but keeping one foot on solid (and proven) ground for a while will probably be a good thing. Take care driving since not everyone will be playing by the same rules.

We also have Vesta (keeper of the hearth) retrograding from Leo back into nurturing Cancer today. We talked about her a little bit here. Maybe we move away from Leo ruled - creative project, children, romance, passion, play - and refocus on taking care of ourselves. An energy of "devotion" moves from our Leo to Cancer natal house (where are Leo and Cancer in your natal chart?) for a bit of backtracking.

We are building toward Thursday's Cancer Full Moon which is part of a Grand Cardinal Cross (imagine a cross in the sky with a planet at each point and us in the middle being pulled in four different directions) involving the Moon, the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter. There is something shocking here. Something anxious to be born. So many planets at the same degrees and no planets in fixed signs at all!

Life is changing folks.

There's still so much Pisces energy ... we swim, we float or we drown. Maybe we cry. Maybe we just get wet.

xo all

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