Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 2nd - our Mercury retrograde story wraps, something comes to light, something fades to black ...

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This week we have Mercury (retrograde) moving back into Sagittarius and Venus heading into Pisces. We also have the annual meet-up between the Sun and Pluto.

2017 will be just as challenging as 2016, but in a different way. By autumn 2016 either our dream came true or we released it - and if we are still dragging it, it's dead, time to let it go and move on.

We will be very glad we did!
We move from a focus on mutable (in flux, changeable) signs to cardinal (initiative, fresh start). This will be a busy year, let's establish a plan now to make time to stay healthy, have time for ourselves and what matters most to us and maintain our sanity.

Technology is outpacing our central nervous systems! With so much Jupiter and Uranus energy in 2017 we can expect big (and bold) breakthroughs. Maybe something even more life changing than Google will launch - can we remember life before Google? Biden's cancer "Moonshot" initiative launched with excellent astrologically energy behind it, maybe we will finally put this bad-boy disease to bed.

On Tuesday, Venus moves into Pisces. Pisces Suns and ascendants get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. Our Pisces natal houses get more attractive, too. We have Venus, Mars, Neptune and the Moon in Pisces (Monday and Tuesday) sextiling all the Capricorn planets. This feels balanced. Venus loves being in Pisces - I'll do a post about this tomorrow.

On Wednesday, a retrograde Mercury backs into Sagittarius. Maybe some news or information from our Sagittarius natal house or with a Sagittarius theme (higher education, travel, foreigners, beliefs, weddings, religion, politics) gets a second look. With the stellium of planets in shifting Pisces,  I wouldn't believe anything presented to me now at face value. It will become clear next week and moving forward after Mercury moves direct. Mercury will only get back to 28 degrees Sagittarius, so most of this retrograde was reviewing the 'rules' of Capricorn and we take a brief visit into the realm of faith and truth (or lies). We might be looking too far ahead - or be too focused on what is right in front of us. A change in our viewpoint could help us find direction and meaning now. There is no need for any fast moves - let's wait until we know what we want to do.

On Thursday, the Moon (in Aries) will oppose Jupiter (in Libra) - this energy is itching for a fight; an emotional one. If something has been building and building it is apt to come to a head now.

On Saturday, the Sun and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. This only happens once a year - a spotlight is thrown on power or a control issue. Maybe something regarding power/control "comes to light". Or our ego (Sun) dies (Pluto) - makes me think of Mariah Carey on New Year's Eve! We could be humbled in some way. Venus conjuncts the South Node (in Pisces) so something from the past involving women, love or money (Venus themes) culminates. Probably in the very slippery, "fading away" way of Piscean energy. Stuff will be hidden.

(you might remember during the run up to the election Hillary was very closely channeling Venus - even hitting the wall of Comey as Venus met up with Saturn, maybe she moves into some Piscean compassionate or 'behind the scenes' work now or focuses on her health)

With so much of this Mercury (information, communications, news) Retrograde in Capricorn (government) story in the U.S. focused on the Russia hacking allegations, probably that story will get new life as Mercury backs into Sagittarius on Wednesday. If the rest of the week's energy focuses on this story it is likely we get new information that may alter some people's beliefs, followed by a fight, followed by someone/something taking firmer control.

We will continue to cover this ground until the end of January when Mercury finally starts hitting new degrees but by the time Mercury moves direct on Sunday we will know what we need to know to move forward.

And this same energy plays out in our personal lives in this same general order - what has this retrograde been about in your own life?!

I am getting back to that big picture post today or maybe just a January post and will hopefully get it up later. xo all


lynn bowes said...

I don't know whether to be hopeful or fearful with this one - "By autumn 2016 either our dream came true or we released it - and if we are still dragging it, it's dead, time to let it go and move on." Of course, I want what I want and all of this planning turns into hoping and wishing and wanting to force issues, always the wrong move since what I (we) want is predicated on someone else giving up what they want. (Why of why can't I be in charge of everyone else?)

I still repeat to myself something you posted months ago - "What's dead is dead" and try to absorb that some things are simply over. It's a quote that is full of stress and release all at once. Letting things go is not in my nature! The changes we are hoping for are bittersweet since it means a new chapter is all about advancing (aging figures in, of course) but the letting go is relaxing. I just posted a photo of a single junk drawer on Facebook and instagram and I seem to have struck a nerve with lots of people! Cleaning out, letting go, who needs a cherry pitter anyway?

Best for 2017 and I'll be back with more comments on things and stuff. xoxox from Nebraska!

Catherine Ivins said...

Ha! Yes, letting go is not in my nature either and it is relaxing (as long as I get to choose what I let go of!). The end of this week when Pluto meets up with the Sun - happens once a year - a new story kicks off about control and power for all of us.

It's the time to release whatever weakens us so we consolidate our power - starting from the ground up - junk drawers, yes, very powerful - are we really more secure, prepared for whatever comes our way, with a drawer full of junk.

On the other hand I do like the symbolism of a cherry picker - being prepared for all the cherries on top of those cakes coming your way! Or would we be preparing for the pits?? Ha!

While Pluto is in Capricorn (2008-2024) this will annually happen in your 11th house of friends and groups and organizations but it's also the house of your biggest most bodacious dreams. A phoenix rising from the ashes in your house of big, bodacious dreams can't be a bad thing no matter what comes to light! xo and Happy New Year!

DancingMooney said...

Happy New Year Cat! ♥

I'm finding myself feeling super positive about things moving forward this year. And feeling blessed, to be feeling well, and having had such support behind me in the last several months.

I had a bit of an epiphany last night, and decided to sleep on it, but woke up feeling the same. I think (I know) that I don't want to blog. the .com is getting put on the back burner for now, but thinking about what would I would sell if I built a page of her own... made me realize that I would still include soap and jewelry in that mix.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that somehow I came to the realization that while most people find more success in business by finding focus on a specific product or idea, that just doesn't work for me. I've tried so hard to find focus on just one thing, and I can't. My mind works like a gift shop and I believe that's the way my business was always meant to be run. I want to find a balance between things I make, and things that just add to it all, vintage, supplies, etc. DancingMooney is a lifestyle, or a brand, not any one particular product.

I'm sure this will be a one day at a time thing, but I think I've finally just found the wisdom in my mind, to embrace this variety in my heart, and just go with the flow, rather than trying to pick something... that just doesn't work for me! Balance is in variety for me.

Well I feel like I'm spilling my heart here, but what's new?! :)

Love you much, and wishing you lots of blessings and good cheer this year Cat!