Astrology Forecast for Creatives | 2017 - the end of the road ... (part II)

no, you won't see inside by duenan

Tomorrow Mercury stations direct (keep that finger through the candle analogy in mind now). He won't start covering totally new territory until the end of the month, but having him moving forward next week will help us get clear and we can begin to move forward, too!

In February, Jupiter goes retrograde (this isn't usually a biggie but this year with him in Libra and opposing Uranus it could be more impactful) and we have eclipse season so anything can happen. In March, Venus goes retrograde from Aries and back into Pisces. Venus will cross the zero degree Aries point (original creation point, first degree of the zodiac) 3X during her retrograde. I would imagine this is going to be a very important retrograde. Saturn and Mercury both go retrograde the same week in April. Then right after Venus starts covering new ground the North Node moves into Leo and the South Node into Aquarius. None of this sounds like full steam ahead to me and there are lots of other stuff during this time I am not even mentioning. It will be intense.

This isn't an excuse to get nothing done for four months. We will just be spending alot of time reacting to outside situations and things will be more challenging. Take the actions you need to take, just keep in mind the winds are blowing from different directions, pinning us into place and we might not get as far as we think we will. If we just sit around and do nothing though, we won't be in the right space for the headwind to catch us when it does get freed up!

After the North Node moves into Leo in early May and through at least the next Mercury retrograde in August (and we have gnarly eclipses in August!) and maybe until Jupiter meets up with the Sun in October this is when following our heart can really pay off. This is when the right doors can open. And yes we might have to PUSH them open, Leo isn't shy and doesn't wait to be invited. So, we want to set up the first few months of the year to allow ourselves to GET LUCKY in the middle of the year! We'll talk about all this as we move through it.

Maybe the most important change this year is the Nodes changing signs (and this is a big maybe because there is alot happening this year). In early May, the North Node of the Moon - our collective way forward - moves from Virgo into Leo. The South Node of the Moon - what we are releasing - moves from Pisces into Aquarius. This doesn't change our personal North and South Nodes of our natal chart, but if the collective energy is moving in a certain direction it certainly pays to adjust our sails.

I have 3 planets in Aquarius and the thought of each planet running into that South Node (release) within an 18 month period makes me shiver and throw up a little in my mouth - especially since I tend to hold onto things with both hands and feet and maybe sometimes, my quite sizeable teeth - chomp!

The negative qualities of Aquarius are what we want to let go of - detachment, rebellion for the sake of rebellion, being overly logical or coldly scientific, cold heartedness, trendy crap. This transit may not be the best news for the internet which is ruled by Aquarius. Or maybe we will just get more people unplugged more often - a good thing!

The positive qualities of Leo are what will move us forward - generosity, taking center stage, confidence, stepping into leadership roles, open heartedness, romance, our personal wants, creative self-expression, following our heart.  

With our current North Node in Virgo we have to watch out for being too nitpicky and critical - in Leo we will have to watch for selfishness, too much ego and over the top drama.

It's good to know this is coming, but we still have a few more months of that Virgo/Pisces axis - keep this in mind.

Following our hearts, romance, creative self-expression - this is going to be the most important thing after the middle of the year, start setting that up now - that's where the real gold is. Doing the trendy stuff other people are doing is no longer going to work. You have a job to do here on Planet Earth and we all need you to do it. Lean toward what feels good. Confidence is inspiring.

Back next post with the 2nd half of the year and the entire year's most important transits (we haven't even talked transits yet! - that's why I don't like to write these annual posts - ha!). We are having a snowstorm here and I sometimes lose internet in the snow - so fingers crossed! xo all

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