Venus into Pisces | I water you and you water me and we grow together ....

Gasp by Greta Tu
Venus enters Pisces until February 3rd.

Venus loves Pisces. After the last few weeks in Aquarius where she was keeping her distance it feels good to merge again. Boundaries blur. Artistic yearnings beckon us to create something.

Imagination attracts us. 

It is easier to see the best in others when we realize we are all connected.

No one wins. No one loses. We are all coming along for the ride. 

We wonder, when we look at the person we do not agree with - "what truth has this person been able to see from his perspective, that is invisible from mine?".

Compassion attracts us. 

Pisces Suns (and ascendants) become more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. Everyone's natal Pisces house gets more attractive, too.

With Venus hanging out in the realm of dreams and possibilities anything is possible.

The fly in the ointment of Venus in Pisces, and yes, no matter the temperature outdoors, or the fact we just installed those insulation strips around our windows, there's still a fly in here somewhere - is all the stuff a lack of boundaries could conjure up that might not feel good.

We could trust someone too much or put too much faith into something. We could realize that fancy new doormat that says WELCOME ALL actually has our name on it. We could feel confused about what we want. The energy of "anything is possible" can feel an awful lot like "nothing is possible" with a slight twist of circumstances.

Reality morphs. Germs spread. Money can slip right through our fingers now (here come the holiday bills).

Stay grounded. Watch for escape mechanisms/addictive behaviors. Meditation can prevent medication. Prayer works miracles. Water soothes. If it feels like we are drowning, we will remember this is just a transit - it will pass (some of the emotional stuff as early as Thursday when the Moon leaves Pisces).

There is alot of Pisces energy right now - we haven't had this much Pisces since early March 2013!

Mars (action, initiative, anger) just walked the degrees Venus is about to cover, so we get to reap what we have sown here. With Mars still traveling through Pisces, too, there is still time to move in a new direction if we don't like the results we are getting!

With Mercury retrograde until Sunday, 2017 hasn't really started yet. We are easing into it. This energy will help. xo all

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