Mars Sextile Pluto | the courage to go for it

You and my winter by TanjaMoss

Today is a good day to tackle something we have been procrastinating or have been afraid would be too difficult. Action creates opportunity. Mars (action initiative) in Pisces (dream, imagination) is sextile (opportunity, ease) Pluto (karma, transformation) in Capricorn (work, authority, career).

Also the Sun is sextile Chiron and squaring Jupiter - this is us having faith in our goals and ambitions. This is us getting back on that horse.

I have to head out but wanted to get up a few sentence or two since the energy is there for us to take a chance. We could over-do things (not a good day for shopping!), there is that Jupiter square (see the weekly post for Wednesday HERE), we might also accomplish something we thought was out of reach. Focus. xo all

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