Valentine's Day Massacre ... just kidding

old couple by joyl

Valentine's Day has never been a big day/deal for me. Maybe because I've been coupled with the same rather unromantic fellow since Eisenhower was President, just kidding again, but maybe not, since I'm not sure exactly when Eisenhower was President - and have been programmed over time not to expect too much.

I'm mostly OK with that.

Some years the convenience store roses, the kind with the silver glitter that sticks to your face if you get too close -

(I've never understood the need to toss glitter on flowers, who is this idiot with the God complex, thinking to himself "these beautiful roses, they need ... something" )

the red ones on sale near the coffee counter, were resting on my kitchen counter by the end of that night. Other years, maybe when hubs was too busy for coffee (unlikely) or brought his own (more likely) or maybe just because those bins of flowers are there 24/7 now and don't catch his eye anymore (most likely) - he forgets.

I'm not complaining. Really (sniffle). No, really. I've known enough "romantic" fellows with colorful bouquets and guilty consciences that I sobered up pretty early. I don't remember my parents celebrating the day either. It's important to remember that love is a verb, too. And hubs did spend a couple hours last night working on my latest 'project'. I'll try to keep that in mind if my flower vase sits empty tonight.

Today's skies are a bit serious for Valentine's Day. We have 1. sober Saturn sextiling the Aquarius Sun. 2. Both Venus and Mars opposing the Libra Moon. And 3. we have Jupiter (retrograde in Libra) inconjunct Chiron.

Let's look at these in reverse order and see how they might apply to V-Day.

3. Jupiter is inconjunct Chiron. Remember Jupiter is retrograde, so the 'expansion' energy in our life is getting re-tooled in some way through June. Having this aspect in play on Valentine's Day makes me think of expectations being too high. Or some small thing that has expanded into a big thing, maybe because we have smooshed a whole bunch of other small things in there (the times he did or didn't do this or that or the other thing). Now it's an over-inflated balloon ready to pop. And since it's filled with all these sharp little things that might hurt if they stick us in the eye, or heart, the explosion could be dangerous. And painful. If something is painful now, pay attention. A universal focus on romantic "love" can make any lack of it felt more acutely. It is alerting us to an imbalance somewhere. A huge adjustment is probably not needed right now, but something needs to give a little bit. Maybe it can be us.

2. Venus and Mars are opposing the Moon. These are fast transits from last night through today. Let's look at Venus opposing the Moon first. This is the maiden vs the mother energy. I am kind of picturing a man coming home from work and a woman opens the front door, the woman he normally associates with motherhood - maybe because she is the mother of his children, maybe because she reminds him of his own mother or maybe because she mothers him - dressed up very sexy and different. So maybe he goes along with it, but maybe he is a bit uneasy with the transformation when he thinks about it later, something about it strikes him as wrong. Or maybe he goes along with it a little too happily and something about that, when she thinks about it later, strikes her as wrong. There is a kind of no-win built in here. On the other hand I have just written a paragraph with a whole lot of 'maybes'. You two could be having cookies and milk wrapped in satin sheets (is there still such a thing) or drinking silky red wine together in your flannels. Or maybe I am totally overthinking this. But you get the idea.

Now Mars opposing the Moon could be a protective energy or it could be an impulse and action toward independence, a tendency to compete, an ability to be self-sufficient. Maybe some kind of security challenge - that's all I'm going to say about that one.

1. Saturn sextile the Sun - this one is in play for a couple days. This transit shows the support of time, the well-weathered relationship, can be looked at fondly. The opportunity (sextile) comes from what is real and has been worked at. We could be ready to commit. I predict lots of engagements today - I hope they are ready to work hard (Saturn) and allow each other to shine (Sun). This is a 'drama-free zone' aspect here. If you got married today, the journey of your marriage would have some challenges, but this wouldn't be one of them. You'd be in it for the long haul (so make sure it is something worth hauling).

This is great energy to give yourself the structure and stability you need. Think about all you have learned over time. Give yourself a pat on the back. You are still here.

xo and Happy Valentine's Day everyone - let's let go of those expectations and appreciate what we have.

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