Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 6th - eclipse season!

that's when the audience died by linteephelien

We have a busy, active week ahead including the first eclipse of 2017 - something comes to light, culminates or is eclipsed out. The Moon is waxing so great energy to get things done and out there!

On Monday, Jupiter stations retrograde at 22 degrees Libra. Jupiter will be retrograde for four months.

During this time whatever has been expanding in our Libra house (or within our life in the Libra themes of partnership, relationship, balance) slows down. Our focus moves from growth to consolidation. Better to concentrate on one thing than to try to move in five different directions. Patience could be required.

In Libra, this can be good energy for relationship/partnership do-overs (is there someone you need to reach out to?) and do-overs that create balance. We have four months to get this stuff right (not perfect!) before Jupiter moves direct in June because then it will be full steam ahead until Jupiter leaves Libra in mid October. We'll be ready.

The Moon is in Gemini on Monday so there will be conversations, meetings, emails, errands, dealings with siblings and neighbors today.

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Aquarius until February 25th. Our thinking will be more detached and forward-leaning.

Our Aquarius house is the space in our chart where we have been charged by the universe to do things differently. Mercury in this space can brings news and information that gets our Aquarius house moving.

After a month in serious Capricorn, Mercury (communication, conversation, ideas, information) is more than happy to buzz through revolutionary Aquarius, offering us access to cutting edge ideas and fresh information. Aquarius is the rebel, genius, criminal - conversations and communications will come through these filters.

The Moon is in Cancer today and not in the best aspect - issues around home, family, mother, real estate, patriotism - could get testy.

On Wednesday, that Cancer Moon hooks into the T-Square with Jupiter (retrograde in Libra) and Uranus (in Aries). This connects our home, family, mother, real estate situation with that partner/relationship do-over or balance do-over and Uranus makes sure whatever is happening is unexpected and surprising. Hold on. There is lots of emotion here.

On Thursday, the Sun (in Aquarius) sextiles (opportunity) Uranus (in Aries). Notice the unusual or  unexpected ideas we attract now and the people we meet. There could be opportunities for us here - pay attention.

On Friday, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo. Something is eclipsed out or comes to light. This eclipse has the same degrees as the February 1998 eclipse if this time period is memorable to anyone. It wraps up whatever came to light in August 2015 and also connects us back to events from mid September 2016. I'll do a post about this later in the week. There's a Grand Fire trine at the Full Moon and it's anchored by steady handed Saturn - hard work will be rewarded. People will be making commitments. I predict many, many Valentine's Day engagements!

This is a big, busy week and eclipses tend to make everyone more emotional (plus we've got Jupiter stationing so things could feel over the top for some of us) - keep this in mind. I'll do some dailies as needed. xo all

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