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A breezy day by Jana Cleve

Mercury moves into "new and unusual" Aquarius today, where he will hang his hat until February 25th. Having Mercury answering to Aquarius ruler Uranus can feel like a mini Mercury retrograde -

information can get skewed as alternatives are presented, opportunities can come through misunderstandings and sometimes it can feel like entire conversations/communications are nothing more than someone's need to disrupt or dispute (not necessarily a bad thing).

All these things can move our story forward now.

Aquarius is detached. It's often easier to diagnose other people's problems and situations and decide what they "should" do than it is to have an objective eye toward our own life.

That little bit, or lot, of distance between us and them makes it possible to see things with greater clarity. Our take on the situation is less guided by our 'feelings'.

Well, for the next three weeks it will be a little easier to apply this same objectivity to our own story - we can take just a little step back and see our own bigger picture, if we want to. Our compassion can get a bit dulled now though.

Ideas that catch people's attention this month will be ideas that are new and unusual. Innovation will blow in the wind like dandelion seeds in the spring. Keep your mind OPEN. And your hands. Your creative muses will literally be tossing stuff at you. Think outside the box - all the goodies are outside that damn box now. New strategies are needed. "Facts" will be up for discussion.

Conversations and communications can be disruptive.

Expect that people's communications will be more unpredictable and even rebellious. Telling people what to do will not go over so well right now - you say "do this" and they "do that". We won't want to be told what to do either. Keep this in mind.

Disruptive conversations and ideas can also come through the Aquarius or Uranian people (remember what I said about Uranus this year!) in our lives. 

Mercury has some easy aspects this month for those open to something else and those who are not so wedded to their existing ideas and language that the smooth flowing meeting with something NEW would be overlooked.

If we notice the pebbles (tapping on our shoulder) maybe we can avoid the rocks (hitting us in the head). If we notice the niggling idea that something could be done/said/written/presented differently and act on it, well, that difference can make all the difference.

Here's a post from the Shopify blog about Idea Generation.

xo all 

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DancingMooney said...

Needed this today. Patience, time... keep moving forward, stay focused.

I am always open to new ideas (often distracted by them) you know me... I am listening. :)