Mercury into Pisces | this is our brain on drugs

otwarte, zsiniale granice ... by narva

Today, Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas, thinking) moves into Pisces (intuition, imagination, addiction, escape, deception, secrets, healing, clandestine situations, things and people put away) until March 13th.

Our thinking gets more fluid. Details are harder to pin down. There are distractions. As our mental focus widens and blurs it gets easier to see the big picture but also easier to lose sight of the specifics. Goals become more elusive because the target is moving.  

And where the hell did we put our car keys?

Our emotions/intuition will tend to rule our logical mind now and so will everyone else's so keep this in mind. This can be an expansive exercise for our practical intellect - it can also be very frustrating.

Mercury in Pisces is great energy for creative, imaginative work and fanciful words and language. It's not a time to worry about perfection though or saying just the right thing, the beauty will be in the imperfection now. We will all be more psychic.

This transit breeds indecision.

(not Libran style indecision - where we can see both sides of a situation which makes choices challenging - of course Libran energy isn't really here to decide anyway, the energy is here to discriminate) 

With Pisces, decision making is challenging because our thoughts are constantly morphing (think water here - I am picturing the bad guy in Terminator II forming from that puddle). We might find ourselves thinking/communicating one way when we are around certain people or situations and then another way under different circumstances. Our communications blend into the environment we are exposed to. Boundaries shift. Let's give ourselves a break with this - wishy-washy thinking will probably prevail for awhile.

It is easier to get lost in "groupthink" since the boundaries between our minds and other people's minds, which are certainly imaginative to begin with and only necessary to keep us sane - are very, very porous.

Empaths (and everyone else!) will need to meditate and spend time alone or we will be totally bogged down in other people's junk.

Those Aquarius 'alternative facts' evolve into plain old fashioned lies. The don't become any easier to spot though. Reality is foggy.

This is a great transit to listen to other people, especially those we tend to disagree with, because it will be easier to feel what they are saying instead of just hearing it.  

We might be tempted to feel sorry for ourselves during this transit or focus in on the ways we have been victimized. Our Pisces South Node is asking us to release all that. The way through everything (until May) is still Virgo - one step in front of the other, doing what is right in front of us, embracing what is healthy, releasing what hurts.

Tomorrow is the big Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces - a fresh start for our Pisces natal house and all those Pisces themes - post coming - have a wonderful weekend.

xo all

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DancingMooney said...

"one step in front of the other, doing what is right in front of us, embracing what is healthy, releasing what hurts."

I needed this today. Feeling a bit heavy about things at the moment, but I'm going to get into my happy space and write about it... see what comes of it.

Hope you enjoyed your company this weekend! :)