Jupiter Stations Retrograde | where have we been expecting/giving too much?

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Today, Jupiter begins his four month retrograde, stationing at 22 degrees Libra.

Maybe some push forward has run into a red light or a detour or a ditch.

Remember these are natural cycles we are working with - delays are helpful. Yes, even when we are sitting in the ditch, in the hot sun, with an empty water bottle and need to pee.

Maybe there is something ahead of us on the road we are avoiding. Maybe there is something that needs to fall into place, or catch up with us, or slow down to meet us, before we can move ahead.

Maybe there is something we need to fix. Maybe there is something we need to change - with Jupiter change usually involves Jupiterian themes so we could need more education or more experience with something foreign to us or more open-mindedness or more positivity or more faith.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, the space where more is always more. In our world this doesn't always work so well. Stuff that keeps growing and growing and growing is not sustainable. That's what balloons and bubbles do right before they pop, that's what cancer cells do.

This is good energy to look at areas where we are just expecting (or giving) too much. With Jupiter in Libra, the sign that rules other people, this could be an imbalance, or injustice, within our primary (equal) relationships - partners, clients, specialists, competitors. If a return to balance is needed here - events will conspire to create the space for greater balance. Is that picture in our head of how something is "supposed to look" or how someone else is "supposed to act" helping or hurting us?

This is also good energy for improved focus. Imagine Jupiter's expansive energy (in all directions at once) being drawn backward, it creates the perfect vacuum for us to narrow in on that one particular thing. So, that's what we'll do now.

When our boss calls and says our company did not get that big contract we were expecting and belts must be tightened, it becomes very easy for us to focus on what we need to do right now. So that's what we do. Life doesn't stop. We keep moving. But we are moving ahead from this re-grouped space with a focused purpose. This is the energy of Jupiter retrograde. The expansion contracts. And if we are smart and consistent, we are stronger and wiser four months from now when we expand again from a solid, more condensed core.

This is an annual cycle - this year affecting Libra themes (partnerships, relationships, balance, justice) and/or the themes of our natal Libra house? Where is Libra in your natal chart?

Remember all planets have been moving direct for the last month, which is pretty unusual. We have felt this in the collective as GO, GO, GO - it's all been a bit too much hasn't it? Jupiter rules politics, foreign travel, higher education, the big picture, religion - events will conspire to slow things down with these issues so we can re-look at our expectations here.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

So you mean I CAN'T make people do what I want because I want what I want when I want it? sheesh. This thing about 'adjusting my expectations' just got real, thank you.

All in all, I glued the little top back on a jar thing I keep on my dresser and around the top is Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is the substance of things hoped for." I'll try to keep that in mind as we navigate the coming year.


Baba Ali Khan said...

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Catherine Ivins said...

I know that one, it ends something like "... the evidence of things unseen" - our faith IS the evidence, yeah the more I think about it, the better it gets, just what I needed to hear right now actually - thank you Aquarius rising! I should have said in today's Mercury in Aquarius post that zingers can come from Aquarius people now, too - will add that. xo