today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 - words are our super-power



The Moon finishes up in Libra, going void at 12:26PM EDT off a square to Pluto (some tension/frustration, power struggles within relationships or with authority). She is void until she moves into Scorpio at 7:15PM EDT. In Scorpio, we are nourished/nurtured by power/collective resources/merging/purging/diving deep. Our emotions become more intense, situations can feel more "life and death".

As the Moon is squaring Pluto, Mercury is moving backward into a smooth trine (his/her second of three) with Pluto. This is the Mercury/Pluto trine with both planets retrograde. We had this aspect on August 22nd and will have the final trine on October 6th. Words are powerful. Secrets can come out. Mercury is in "let's fix this thing" Virgo, so there is something here - maybe involving a conversation or contract or information that we need a better/deeper look at. Seek facts. What needs to be re-viewed/re-vised? What needs to be said again? Something is falling into place, but we are going to have to be smart. The news/talks/our decisions and choices are in DO-OVER mode with this one.


Heads up for tomorrow - although I might be popping back in here. The Scorpio Moon is quiet, but we have Mars in Gemini trining Saturn in Aquarius. You could be feeling this today, too. Our actions/words/ideas will be in a cooperative alignment with authority/with the public. More smooth flow- brakes off. Whatever this is we will have a repeating aspect at the end of November with Mars retrograde, so whatever is happening today we will be re-vising, re-viewing, re-doing, re-peating then. But this is the time to be moving AHEAD.


(the Mars/Saturn trine, both today's and November's is part of the Mars/Saturn cycle that started in April 2022 and winds down in April 2024. We had the tense square in early August, so whatever started in April was blocked then. Now we get the smooth flow of the trine and move forward, but we will have to do this again somehow at the end of November).


Today though (the 27th) has that Plutonian vibe - intense interactions, Scorpio people, going deep, research, intimate conversations, financial information, etc. 


Keep in mind the long void Moon and use it to chill out.

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xo all

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