Autumnal Equinox and New Moon in Libra | whatever it takes to bring ourselves and our relationships back into balance over the next few months, ships will be jumped, contracts will be broken

Just days after the Autumnal Equinox, a collective point of balance, September 25, 2022 at 5:54PM EDT, the Libra Moon meets the Libra Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Libra.  


Libra New Moons are about new ways to partner/new people/new connections/new situations. New LOVE - not the deep kind necessarily (although it could be), but the social kind that gets us invited to coffee and walks in the park. New peace and harmony. New negotiations. What is fair now? What is balanced now? What does justice look like now? This is a cardinal energy - something is going to START.

They meet at 2 degrees. I like when a New Moon starts close to the beginning, although it almost certainly makes outcomes harder to judge (because it's TOO EARLY).

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon meets the Sun at 2 degrees Libra. They are applying to an opposition to Jupiter. Exactly conjunct asteroid Rhiphonos. The ruler of this lunation (ruler of Libra) is Venus in Virgo who is conjunct (and answering to) a retrograde Mercury and widely squaring both Mars and Chiron. The Uranus/Saturn square of 2021/2022 is within a 1 degree orb/breathing down our neck. 

Since this is also pretty much the Equinox chart, this chart is about more than the next month. We will be working with this chart (yes, with Venus is nit-picking Virgo!) until the Aries New Moon chart next spring. 

The biggest aspect is the lunation's opposition to a retrograde Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter works his magic by MAKING THINGS BIGGER, so almost certainly what is started now is in some way destined/designed to be BIG or exaggerated. Certainly apt to GROW, so we really want to think about the seeds we are putting into the ground now. The Moon/Jupiter brings opportunities for luck, success and happiness, but also a warning around over-doing. Over-committing. Over-promising. Over-expecting. Wanting too much. Being a greedy assh*le. Jupiter is retrograde, so we are looking for the gold we missed the first time through - the gold is BEHIND US. The Libra New Moon fresh start will have a connection to something we did before or something from the past. Relationships can come back from the brink with this one. 


The Jupiter opposition could force us to look at what we are projecting onto other people, by MAKING CERTAIN PROBLEMS BIGGER. We are likely going to have to rely on ourselves more. Or find different people. Sometimes we are putting the wrong things on the wrong people and then acting like they are letting us down. If your partner is an Aries Moon, the chance of them mothering you, yes, even when you are down and out with covid, is pretty unlikely. So you need someone else in your life for THAT. Sometimes people think they need a whole new relationship when what they really need is a FRIEND.


We are in a whole new world and still trying to do relationships in the same old ways!


Over the course of the next few months many partnership contracts (not just romantic) will be broken/many ships jumped. We will be re-looking at what we have committed ourselves to. If our heart's not in it, we won't be either. With the Uranus/Saturn square in play - things we used to rely on are not as stable and at the same time the new structures will have limits/restrictions. Being free isn't free. There is so much retrograde energy - including both Saturn AND Uranus - nothing will be full steam ahead. 


We are going back to go forward.


With Venus conjunct a retrograde Mercury, we are talking/thinking about our relationships. Talking to people we are in relationship with. Old relationships can come back around. Old Mercurian things - commerce, siblings, local community, words, writing, childhood education - can be fallen in love with AGAIN. We could get some good news. Maybe from an old source.


Venus is still in finicky Virgo. Fixing, Refining. In mutual reception to that retrograde Mercury, so we need to go through the fixes/the service/the re-visions to get to Libra - the balance/the relationship/the love. And this opposition to Jupiter is making everything bigger than it should be/needs to be. It will be hard not to be OVER-COMMITTED to something right now! Too much work. Too much service. Too much spending. Venus is opposing Neptune which is draining relationship batteries and finances. 

The New Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Rhiphonos. 


Rhiphonos, whose name means 'throwing or casting' was one of the dozen sprites guarding Zeus's son Dionysus from Hera, when she turned them into centaurs. He later pulled Dionysus's chariot. Rhiphonos, the asteroid, was discovered on the day of Ted Kennedy's funeral, which was kind of the end of American royalty. And, of course, this time period has a very strong connection to the passing of Queen Elizabeth and ending of the 'queen' archetype, which I wish I had time to write about, and will, when things slow down. Ironically, he is one of the few centaurs not famous for the way he died, but most of his story has been lost to time. His name definition might also be another admonition to think about what we are projecting onto other people. Think about how we are doing what we are accusing the other person of doing, etc. 

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is "the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed'. The NEW can begin and take hold quickly. Probably many of the changes, this is a lunar event after all, will be INTERNAL.


Just before this New Moon, the Moon passes over Venus, opposes Neptune, passes over Mercury and then meets the Sun and then will oppose Jupiter. She then trines Mars and Uranus and goes void off a square to Pluto. So, things are complicated and this "relationship-focused" New Moon ends with that testy square to power. 

There is alot to like here, too. Just keep in mind the seeds now are going to grow, so is what you are growing really something you want to eat. There is also an out of sign trine to Sedna - pulling something we don't want to look at too closely into the mix, but also more mega-transformational energy and, again, something about RELYING ON OURSELVES.

I hope something here is helpful, although I am feeling that somehow it isn't. Libra is my 12th house, not so much a space designed for me to be able to see clearly. You might have to muddle through much of this one without me 


xo all

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