today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - seeing the problems with being too nice, conversational confusion, choosing quality over quantity, nature is healing


Today, the Moon is void until 7:30 AM EDT when she moves into Taurus - the sign of her exaltation. 


We are nourished/nurtured by more traditionally nurturing things - a warm bed, a soft touch, good food, security, time spent in nature, time spent with what/who we value/love, all the good stuff money can buy and all the good stuff it can't. Our attention might turn to our money, resources, values, beauty or self-esteem issues. Taurus rules the throat, so take care of yours. Think about what you are swallowing. Think about if you are rushing toward the second thing before you have fully digested the first thing. Think about the words that get stuck in your throat.

The Moon has an inconjunct to a retrograde Mercury (8 degrees Libra) at 7:32PM EDT. Taurus/Libra both Venusian signs, are strange bedfellows to be connected by an inconjunct, but it seems fixed earth and cardinal air don't have much common ground. Taurus wants to nail things down/put a ring on it and Libra can't decide/wants an equal partner kept at arms length. But, both are ruled by Venus - want to make the world more beautiful/abundant/profitable. Both signs want to be pleasant and can tend toward pushing things under the rug.


A Moon/Mercury inconjunct might indicate challenging communications. The right words can be hard to find/stick in our throat. Conversations can go in circles around old topics. We could find ourselves agreeing to something we don't agree with or don't want to do. Conversations to clear the air might only add to the confusion. Choose a better time to have a hard conversation or know the conversation will need to be re-visited (Mercury re-trograde) in a couple weeks. It will be challenging to re-solve things with this energy in play.

Keep in mind the Moon's elevated status in Taurus. 


Think quality over quantity now. 


Also know she will meet chaotic Uranus tomorrow as she does every month during her time in Taurus (there is also a smooth trine to ruler Venus to help smooth things out). Uranus in Taurus has been upsetting apple carts since 2018. 


We are being guided to understand the impermanence of material things sometimes through shocking reversals of fortune. But, what this is really all about is us gaining the wisdom to wait until we are CLEAR - allowing ourselves to sit fallow and OWN the moment of decrease, not 'fill the empty' as Taurus is likely to do. Then we can CHOOSE experiences that allow an authentic and true version of ourselves to emerge. Let the new arrive naturally. In the Age of Aquarius you will do you and I will do me. That's how it will work best. The hunger that comes up seeking nourishment is NEEDED. We have to allow ourselves to be hungry. Uranus in Taurus is making sure we do. 


One of the things we do here is we come to Earth choosing experiences that allow us to heal old trauma. We do this for ourselves, our ancestry/family and the collective. We are still doing this, but the energies are not so supportive of this as a growth mechanism anymore. The stiff upper lip/stoic/old school sense of duty and responsibility has had its day in the Sun (we will talk more about this in the passing of Queen Elizabeth/passing of the queen archetype post). This doesn't mean every woman for herself although there will be something emerging - and it already is - that is both more individualistic and more universal.

As always I hope something here is helpful.

xo all


photo by the talented DarkGomo 

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