weekly astrology forecast | September 19th to 26th, 2022 - all things Venus


A BIG week ahead.


On Sunday night we had Mercury retrograde opposing Jupiter retrograde and the Sun trining Pluto retrograde. BIG energy. Overwhelming. AND empowering. What came to light? What were WE feeling?  If we have taken on too much we will be feeling that now. BIG ideas are possible. Empowering situations. Old gold is being mined. It will be challenging to organize it with all the retrograde energy, but we could see it as being GATHERED.


This week is all about lovely VENUS (we can see her in Virgo with her hair tied back, diving into the nitty gritty) - our focus will be on our relationships, our money, our values, our self-esteem. The world comes into balance at the Equinox and in our own life we can see what is balanced and what is OUT OF BALANCE. 


We start the week with Venus in harmony with Black Moon Lilith and wind things up with Luna's big New Moon in Libra answering to her. We will talk more about the week as we move through it. Keep in mind, Mercury, along with alot of other energy, is STILL retrograde (and Mars is answering to Mercury), so expect to do things twice, do two things at once, for people and situations from the past to be repeating themselves AND for things to take longer than you thought they would. 


The delays are helping us. 

The Nodes of Fate are at 15 degrees Scorpio/Taurus - a world point (and my ascendant/descendant) initiating changes that will last for 19 years. The Old World is dissolving and the New World is pulling us forward folks.

MONDAY - Venus sextiles Black Moon Lilith

TUESDAY - Venus trines Uranus, Venus inconjunct Saturn

THURSDAY - Sun enters Libra

FRIDAY - Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun and then backs into Virgo

SATURDAY - Venus opposes Neptune

SUNDAY - New Moon in Libra (2 degrees)


On MONDAY, Venus at 17 degrees Virgo sextiles Black Moon Lilith in Cancer


Here is a creative opportunity - sextiles require some kind of action - between the practical fixes/healing we are attracting and the womb wound/woman who chooses herself.  Maybe this comes through changes to our daily routine/work that value our need for freedom or that break old family patterns. This is two very different types of female energy in harmony.

On TUESDAY, Venus, at 18 degrees Virgo trines Uranus, retrograde in Taurus, and then inconjuncts Saturn, retrograde at 19 degrees Aquarius


Now Venus is in a smooth trine to Uranus. Surprises with love/money are possible. Venus is in "one thing at a time/one foot in front of the other", healing/fixing Virgo, so small changes are moving us forward. Small changes allow things to fall into place. This might also speak of liberating ourselves from Virgo perfectionism/judgement. Uranus is answering to Venus making the trine more powerful. Lean into something new. Something more liberating. More future-focused.


Immediately, Venus makes an awkward connection with sober Saturn, so we are reminded of our responsibilities, limits, sometimes our age. That's OK, the smooth trine with Uranus doesn't just disappear - and we are leaning into that.


This is also the day the Cancer Moon makes a sextile to the Virgo Sun - this month's Waning Sextile. Family care-taking, responsibilities, home business, family business, real estate, mothering issues all are in a creative opportunity with our daily life, work, health. Again this comes through Virgo's keen eye for detail, practical action, small fixes.

On THURSDAY/FRIDAY - after his empowering trine to Pluto on Sunday, the Sun crosses into Libra, an Aries point, ushering in a new season and quickly meets up with a retrograde Mercury. Alot of the Sun's Libra ingress/autumn equinox will be covered in the New Moon post later in the week, but the Sun's meeting with a retrograde Mercury is the halfway point of the Mercury retrograde cycle - yes, we are halfway there folks! 


HERE/now is clarity about what this Mercury retrograde has been about. 


After meeting the Sun - gathering whatever has 'come to light' - Mercury backs into Virgo, where we are going to figure out what to do with this information/how to make things better. How to fix things in practical ways, especially regarding our relationships and balance issues. We are re-working our habits.  We bring Mercury in Libra's ideas down to Earth.


We will talk more about this in the New Moon post before Thursday.

On SATURDAY - Venus, at 23 degrees Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde


Now, Venus, busy bee that she is, opposes Neptune, retrograde in Pisces. What we want can become less defined. Our boundaries more porous. We are communing with ghosts/with everything that has come before us. 


We might find ourselves DROWNING in sacrifices - haven taken on too much with the repeating Mercury/Jupiters - or maybe excessive worrying. Neptunian challenges can speak of exhaustion, so maybe our girl needs a NAP. 


Pencil that in, wait, not pencil, it's Saturday, use permanent ink. 


Oppositions can bring endings/culminations. With Neptune situations can fade away/drift away. On the other hand, Neptune brings imagination/magic to Venus in Virgo's practical routine, opens the door for muses, intuition and inspiration. Just keep in mind with Neptune, everything we are seeing isn't real. Things can look better or worse than they actually are. Venus in Virgo is grounded energy, but if she is TIRED, an escape route will present itself now, maybe in the form of a Piscean/Neptunian person who wants to play/a water or art activity, or we get waylaid by a cold/virus, etc.  


Also keep in mind the effects of drugs/alcohol, medication, any escape tendencies we have is compounded now.

On SUNDAY - the Libra Moon meets the Libra Sun at 2 degrees giving us an early New Moon in Libra. I love an early degree New Moon, where we get to start at the actual beginning - this one our annual Libra New Moon collectively focused on our relationships, need for balance, fairness, peace. The New Moon in Libra is answering to ... you guessed it ... Venus. 


We will talk about this in its own post.

xo all

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