Goin' to the Dogs ...

I am asked sometimes about Olive and if she really bites and what she is (a dog, silly).

I used to call my studio Dream Scenes Studio (and was getting tired of it and it wasn't exactly a household name), so when I got my little pup I wanted one of those cool dog names for my studio like Red Dog Studio or Blue Dog Studio, but all the dog colors seemed to be taken.

(I mean I could have called it Fuscia Dog Studio or Turquoise Dog Studio, but that just seemed wrong somehow ... and no one I know would ever be able to spell it)

At the time Olive spent most of her day gleefully jumping on us with her little puppy teeth grabbing into our clothes, our skin, the arteries in our wrists (which aren't as close to the surface as they seem I'm told, but still worried me).

And of course, naming her Olive was a given - I mean - just look at her ....

So since I spent so much time warning, "watch it- Olive bites" (my own lazy way of dog training- it seemed easier to train all our family and friends than little Olive)-

I ordered some moo cards with the name Olive Bites Studio, got a new sign for my studio door and registered the name (which shockingly was still available).

Of course, within days my hubby had discovered this amazing technique to stop Olive's biting which worked very fast (or she just outgrew it) and my mailman and several others asked me what I put in my olive bites (as in appetizers)....


In answer to the question of what Olive is- she is part Boston Terrier / part Beagle ...

(we don't use the M word around here- although it's probably the only four letter word we don't use- this is Jersey after all...)

Some Etsy faves for your own little pooch:1. Custom Pet Portrait by FuzzyMug
2. Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed by Vintage Renaissance
3. Olive's Favorite Collar by Lucky Fiona
4. Olive's Favorite Toy - TugOWar Braid by Woofpurr Creations
5. Eco Pet Bed by Annie's Sweatshop
6. Personalized Pet Tag by Cristina Ashley Design


Kate8085 said...

Does it make me a crazy dog lady that I want one of those custom portraits?
Thought so.
Olive totally kicks ass.

Kendra Zvonik said...

I love the name of your studio! It's good to know how everything got started and your sense of humor always makes for good reading :)
Olive is adorable and one of my favorite colors too!

Annie's Sweatshop said...

Thanks for mentioning us. Woof Woof!