the astrology of february 2022 | a time of miracles, the rising feminine, the future and soul growth ....


 Yes, we are taking an early look at February! 


I saw some good stuff for us personally and think we can use some good news. We begin the month with a BIG New Moon in future/equality-focused Aquarius, so we will feel the NEW right out of the gate. The Moon's square to Uranus brings in, through tension/frustration - uncomfortable change over the next month. That's OK, we've got this thing. Mercury quickly stations direct, right on that powerful 24 Cappy where Pluto popped a LONG squat in 2021 - delays will end. Things will start moving forward. The month has multiple sextiles and trines - lots of opportunities and winds at our back. Maybe the biggest opportunity is mid-month's Jupiter/Uranus sextile (luck through change, miracles from chaos) and Pluto's trine to the North Node - letting go of fear/moving past the death through a smooth alignment with the future. ALL MONTH lovers Venus and Mars are traveling together, meeting at the BIG Leo Full Moon (cardinal cross) mid-month and closing out the month - feminine and masculine energy combined/balanced, what we want/what we have to do to get what we want - with their own smooth energetic trine with THE FUTURE.

Let's unpack the month!


 (I will probably add to this as we move along)

FEBRUARY 1ST - New Moon in Aquarius (12 degrees), Juno enters Aquarius - the month kicks off with a BIG New Moon in Aquarius, so it will FEEL like a new month right away. The Moon meets the Sun at 12 degrees - they are both applying to Saturn conjunctions, so we will feel the weight of our moves/decisions now. Something is getting shored up/becoming more solid. There are limits/rules. Maybe we are drawing a line in the sand. Ceres will be conjunct the North Node. Venus will be conjunct Vesta. Season of life situations will pull us forward/important compromises are possible. What we want could be keeping us up at night. That's OK, it is just becoming more REAL. Mars will be approaching his beloved Venus. What we want and what we have to do to get what we want are coming together. They will be exact around the middle of the month, but this is really in play all month. The feminine and the masculine coming together in a serious/sober sign - cardinal earth - starting something real. The sign that builds things that last. The Moon is squaring Uranus - so this New Moon is birthed through uncomfortable change. We are used to this. We can do this. We were born for this. That is the 2020's - uncomfortable change. Maybe toss some rocks under your mattress - let's get used to this and get on with things.


FEBRUARY 3RD - Mercury stations direct at 24 degrees Cappy - this is the flashing GREEN LIGHT we have been waiting for (maybe give him/her a couple days to get up to speed). Delays will end. Stuck situations will start to move forward. Minds will change.


FEBRUARY 4TH - Mars sextile Jupiter (8 degrees Cappy/Pisces), Sun conjuncts Saturn (15 Aqua) - the Sun meets Saturn - this is the serious part of our New Moon story. Reality checks/commitments/responsibilities. Here are the rules/the limits. What we can't do/have/be. At the same time, Mars, uber productive in the sign of Capricorn moves into an opportunistic sextile with Jupiter. Here is EXPANSION, LUCK. Take sober action. Step into your authority/responsibility. Big girl pants on. As long as we aren't in lalaland (taking that Jupiter in Pisces too far) this is a SOLID GOOD THING. Stay optimistic/have faith. Take something further. Note - this is earth and water and in order to 'get lucky', we need to take action. We want to be building bricks and not just hoping (although hoping and staying optimistic is good, too) that the earth and water will come together and make something other than a mudslide. Saturn shows us the reality of the situation and Mars/Jupiter says, "OK, but let's do this".


FEBRUARY 6TH - Mars squares Chiron (9 degrees Cappy/Aries) - now, Mars is hitting the painful squares to Chiron that Venus/Mercury/the Sun did last month. Something is standing in our way - probably ourselves with Chiron in Aries. Chiron in Aries is answering to a strong and stable Mars in Cappy, so I think we need to be brave here. Standing up for ourselves/being ourselves/knowing we can take care of ourselves is challenged. But look, Mars is applying to a smooth trine to change-maker/higher-mind Uranus - here is a way through.


FEBRUARY 8THMars trines Uranus (11 degrees Cappy/Taurus), 1st Quarter Moon (19 degrees Taurus), Ceres enters Gemini - so now, Mars, the general in Capricorn is trining Uranus. The trine is arguably the best aspect in astrology. Something is falling into place. This is Cappy/Taurus - something makes sense/cents. This is earth, so we need to be practical, but this is chaotic Uranus, so we need to do something differently. We are leaning into the future here and the future is leaning back into us. Take new action. At the same time our New Moon from the beginning of the month has worked her way into Taurus and is squaring the Cappy Sun. This is tension/frustration between the future and the now. The change and the comfort. New money and old money. The Sun, not happy in Aqua, is answering to Uranus and we've already said he is making a trine to a strong Mars, so here is our way through - sober, practical action. This is also the day Ceres leaves her garden and ventures out into the local community - Gemini. Ceres was on the North Node (how we are going to get where we are going) at that New Moon last week and now she is ready for more choices/to ask new questions. This is about smart nurturing. We learn and then we respond to what we have learned. More change.


FEBRUARY 11TH - Mercury meets Pluto (third of three, first time at 27 Cappy)- we've been here before. Mercury met Pluto on December 30th, then retrograde on January 28th and now we get the final pow-wow today. This is the 27 degrees that has been powering up all the Full Moons. They have met before, but not exactly here. Something has moved on. Things have changed/shifted. Mercury/Pluto. Words/ideas are powerful. Truth/what has been buried can come out.  This aspect increases our focus. Conversations/information can be intense. Feel like life and death. Mercury is applying to his smooth trine to the North Node, so it is likely whatever this is, is part of how we are going to get where we are going.


FEBRUARY 12TH - Mercury trines North Node (27 Cappy/Taurus) - fresh off his pow-wow with transformative/deadly Pluto, Mercury (our thinking, communications, commerce, movement, transportation, tech, siblings, local community) moves into smooth flow - the brakes are off - with our best future. PAY ATTENTION. Good news can come in. Ideas/information are like apples READY TO BE PICKED. With the North Node (way forward) in Taurus - this can be about our money, values, self-esteem. Maybe one door is closed (if something closed with that Mercury/Pluto it is permanent, don't spend alot of time wallowing because you need to see this open window over there) and now another door/window opens. Make/take the call. Earth trines are mega-powerful.

FEBRUARY 14TH - Pluto trines North Node! (27 degrees Capricorn), Pallas enters Aries, Mercury enters Aquarius - so, now here is Pluto, fresh off his pow wow with Mercury, trining the North Node, too. HERE is the way this dead earth is going to be repopulated. HERE is what we can plant now. HERE is a smooth way forward. This is real power/strength. HERE is where we pour our energy into the future - THAT Taurus House (we'll look at the North Node by house before this date and I will link to it here, in the meantime HERE is our first North Node Taurus post). Keep in mind these trines to the North Node are sextiles to the South Node - so an opportunity to release a fear/something that is dead/something that is too complicated. This is an incredibly powerful aspect folks. Earth trines are mega-powerful and when Pluto is involved this is very potent and amped up.


Our warrior queen Pallas enters Aries. Yes, she is answering to her brother now and their relationship can be testy. Still, she surely likes Aries much better than Pisces. Here she can take new action. Merge smart strategies and COURAGE. Mercury re-enters Aquarius. We were last here on January 8th. Now the ideas we have been re-thinking/re-working are moving forward. This is fixed air, so people are not so flexible, but at least we get some fresh air and Mercury likes air/works well here. Mercury in Aqua is about clear-headed/dispassionate thinking focused on the future. Its clarity comes from a space of detachment. We mentally step back a little bit and the picture in our head gets a little clearer/our words a little more sharp. I like that this is happening as Pallas (maybe a future co-ruler for Aquarius) moves into fire.

FEBRUARY 15TH - Sun squares North Node (27 Aqua/Taurus) - we knew with the Sun in a fixed sign and the North/South Nodes in fixed signs we were going to have this square this month (we will have another one with the Sun in Leo next summer). This is tension/frustration. A light on something we need to get past/release, etc before we can go any further. Don't disregard problems now. Don't push things under the rug. We NEED to deal with this before Mars/Venus trine the North Node at the end of the month. What is in your way? What can you do about it? This is pulled into our Full Moon story, so will play out over the next couple weeks. We will look at the Moon here as we get closer to this to see what she is up to.

FEBRUARY 16TH - Full Moon in Leo (27/28 degrees Leo), Venus conjuncts Mars (16 degrees Capricorn) - the Leo Moon opposes the Aquarius Sun at 27 degrees (and 59 seconds). The Moon is squaring the Nodes of Fate. The Moon is in the Sun's sign and the Sun (the king) is in the sign of his detriment (opposite his sign) so neither is very happy here.


Not sure I like the looks of this Moon for the U.S./Biden - although whatever is happening fate is playing her hand and the masculine/feminine energies are uniting/equalizing through it. The Moon is inconjunct Pluto which is applying to the first ever U.S. Pluto return - exact in this Full Moon cycle, pretty much exact right now. The Moon is conjunct asteroid Damocles - the peril that hangs over power. She opposes the United States natal Moon (the people). The South Node is on Biden's Sun. The Full Moon in Leo is conjunct Biden's natal Chiron/North Node conjunction (also his progressed Chiron/North Node exact now on his descendant - natally he has Uranus on his descendant just as the U.S. does) and forming a Grand Cardinal Cross (seeds of change) with his Sun and the Nodes (the North Node on the U.S. natal Wuhan/Pandora conjunction and Kamala Harris's natal Jupiter). This Moon trines (brakes off) Kamala Harris's Sun. This Moon is also conjunct, within seconds, the 2017 Leo Solar Eclipse that split America in two. We talked about that one and her connections to Trump and covid - HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


We will talk about this in the U.S. Pluto return series coming up next.

We'll talk about this Moon in more detail for us personally as we get nearer, too, of course. Full Moons are times of peak energy/culminations/endings. With the Leo Full Moon squaring the Nodes of Fate - something has to change before we can go any further.


FEBRUARY 17TH - Jupiter sextile Uranus (11 degrees Pisces/Taurus) - Jupiter had a tense/frustrating square with Uranus from Aquarius on January 17, 2021, now, this year, with Jupiter moved into watery Pisces we get an opportunistic sextile


BIG moves/faith can pull us into the future/shore up our resources/make us money. The unexpected/different/chaotic can make us lucky. Miracles can happen. Again, with Jupiter in Pisces we can't be in "lalaland here", can't sleep/drink/escape our way through this. Keep in mind this Jupiterian LUCK will come in through bigger hands than ours/may not look the way we are expecting. We can't force our size 9 feet into size 7 shoes, even if they look way cuter. Something here is bigger than we are. Again this opportunity is water and earth, so cue the 'building bricks/clay' - requirement of a little action on our part. What's that story about the guy who asks God when he gets to heaven why he never won the lottery and God answered, "well, did you ever help me out and buy a ticket?". Buy a ticket.


FEBRUARY 18TH - Sun into Pisces - the Sun leaves Aquarius, the sign of his detriment, and moves into idealistic/imaginative Pisces. Our Pisces house is LIT. Our attention goes THERE. And we can all feel a little bit of what it's like to be a Pisces - we get more sensitive, more intuitive, more imaginative/artistic, more spiritual/connected, maybe more nostalgic, able to grieve what needs grieving, hopefully we become more compassionate. Often we need more rest. It's like we all get a taste of a 12th house Sun for a while and need to find ways to rejuvenate. While in Pisces the Sun will meet up with Jupiter and Neptune and sextile (opportunity) with the North Node and Pluto. How does Pisces energy work with your own Sun sign - give that one a think.

FEBRUARY 23RD - Mars sextile Neptune - (13 degrees Cappy/Pisces), Last Quarter Moon (5 degrees Sagittarius) - Mars reaches 13 degrees Cappy and moves into an opportunistic sextile with Neptune. Here is our solid/practical actions making the dream real. Note - Neptunian dream-making can sometimes require a sacrifice - we give up this to get that. Sometimes I find it's sleep I need to give up to get everything done that needs doing. This aspect speaks of gentle AND productive actions. This is also the day that Aqua New Moon/Leo Full Moon reaches her final square with the Sun - this time from 5 degrees Sagittarius. Maybe our beliefs are tested. A hope can fade. This is tension.frustration. We have that Mars sextile - sensible action/stepping into responsibility/our authority to move us through this one.

FEBRUARY 24RD - Mercury sextile Chiron (10 degrees Aqua/Aries), Venus sextile Neptune (22 degrees Capricorn/Pisces), Mercury squares Uranus (11 degrees Aqua/Taurus) - with Mercury squaring Uranus maybe some upsetting or disruptive news/information comes in. Conversations can be challenging. The good news here is Mercury's healing opportunity with Chiron, so the conversation needs to happen. The words spoken. The potentially shocking news absorbed. Very old/very deep wounds are being healed here. At the same time Venus, still in Capricorn (and how is this even possible?!) moves into an opportunistic flow with Neptune. She is doing what Mars did yesterday, so this is probably all the same thing. What we want/what we have to do to get what we want in line with our dreams/our spirits.


FEBRUARY 28TH - Mars/Venus trine North Node  (25 degrees Cappy/Taurus) - the month that starts off with a brand new vibe, brings miracles that sometimes hits us like a pouncing lion, finally closes out with this combining of the masculine and feminine energies in a beautiful/productive trine to our North North (how we are going to get where we are going) and sextile (opportunity) with the South Node (what is holding us back). Something forward-leaning can fall right into place here. Losses/letting go of fears and complications also create opportunity. We are moving into the future from a less fractured/more balanced position.

xo all

artwork by the talented Borda

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