Mercury stations retrograde | Ceres stations direct | January 14, 2022 - the conversation shifts, our thinking changes, the past and the future are pulled into the present



We talked about Mercury's retrograde in detail HERE


Starting in an air sign (Aquarius) this retrograde is designed to CHANGE OUR THINKING, connect us with fresh ideas we may have overlooked the first time through, SLOW US DOWN so the things we need to line up with will be there when we need them. 


Directions change. Conversations shift. Situations might need to be 're-worked'.


Expect some wonk, and give yourself extra time. Pay extra attention to emails/texts, etc - it will be easy to overlook something, misunderstand something or say something incorrectly. Someone from the past can reappear or old conversations, etc come back around. Gadgets and gizmos (and transportation, communication devices) can create problems/slow us down. Drive safely - especially right now with the Moon in Gemini during Mercury's station (Mercury's sign) and going void tonight off an opposition to a fiery Mars.


With Venus already retrograde and Mercury headed back into Capricorn, this is not the time for pushing full-steam ahead and barreling over obstacles to reach our goals. That stuff is in our way/delayed for a reason. Lay the groundwork. What isn't working and needs to be re-done? Mercury backs into Capricorn on January 25th, here is where we take the changes in our thinking/new ideas/conversations and use them for to make physical/practical changes. Mercury will be retrograde until February 3rd.


Today is also the day Ceres, at 27 degrees Taurus, stations direct. 27 degrees of all the signs is being heated up with this string of 27 degree Full Moons, so pay attention. Information may slow, but something physical/tangible/maybe something that makes sense/cents can start moving forward. 


Since Ceres rules change of life situations - the seasons of our life - her change of direction as Mercury retrogrades can also indicate whatever we have been 'propping up' during her retrograde, can fall now, taking us into another chapter/season. 


She is answering to a retrograde Venus, so some people may see money that has been held up come in now (for others this will wait for Uranus's change of direction or Venus's station direct). Resource issues that have been hidden during her retrograde can start to show up and conversely new resources start to take root. Weather situations are possible, especially as we get closer to Mondays' BIG Full Moon. Ceres stationed retrograde back on October 8th (in Gemini) and backed into Taurus, her garden, on December 21st (she entered Taurus on the Winter Solstice) - situations connected to those dates should begin to move forward. 


Keep in mind, in Taurus,  she is still answering to a retrograde Venus, so we will have to see how much momentum we get from Ceres station while Venus is in such a challenging retrograde (until January 29th). Ceres will be back in Gemini on February 8th - and start answering to Mercury, who will be direct by then, although re-walking old ground.


The Moon is in Gemini on Thursday (if you reading this on Wednesday there is a nice trine to Mercury in the evening - good for connecting with people, local get-togethers, etc) with a mixed bag of aspects with Saturn, Neptune and Mars. She goes void at 9:22PM EST off a challenging opposition to Mars (keep a cool head) and is void until 11:11AM EST on Saturday when she comes home to Cancer and starts preparing for Monday's emotional Full Moon. 

That post is next.

xo all


artwork by the amazing Rafael Pellicer Galeote

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