weekly astrology forecast | january 10th - January 16th, 2022 - Mercury stations retrograde, the king is dead long live the king, using our intuition, keeping our feet on the ground, the shifting sands do some more shifting



By the end of this week, we will have TWO of our personal planets moving backward - Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius - more of the "re's", meaning if what you are doing starts with "re" you are probably on the right track. 


Mars is still making his way through Sag, a space he loves, but he will start hitting more challenges - this week a square to exhausting/delusional Neptune and next week an inconjunct (rock and a hard place) with the North Node (how we are going to get where we are going). It is probably not the best time for big leaps, because while the net MIGHT appear, there is a pretty good chance the net has changed direction, too, or was never going to be there in the first place (and, of course, after writing this, I need to say there might be something in your chart that countermands this advice, especially with this week's Sun/Pluto, and since I can't see your chart, you, as always, will have to navigate these waters as best you can - both intuition and common sense practicality can be accessed). 


On the other hand, this is not the time to be stuffing our size 9 feet into size 7 shoes either - again the Sun/Pluto, someone's power is going to be spotlighted, maybe it will be OURS.


Let's jump right into this week's biggest aspects:


MONDAY - Sun sextiles Neptune

TUESDAY - Mars squares Neptune

FRIDAY - Mercury stations retrograde, Ceres stations direct

SUNDAY - Sun conjuncts Pluto

We start the week with the Sun doing what a retrograde Venus did last week (Venus will do this again on January 24th). The Sun, at 20 degrees Capricorn sextiles Neptune. Again, this is "making the dream real" energy. This "making the dream real" thing can sometimes involve a sacrifice - we give up this to get that, for example. The Sun is our life force/our ego/our fire. The sextile with illusive/imaginative Neptune dissolves boundaries/limits. It allows unfiltered access to our intuition, our compassion, forgiveness, our ancestors, what we have put behind us/what we have forgotten. All these January sextiles to Neptune - and this has been true for almost a decade as Neptune has been in Pisces - encourage us to release old goals, any need for status/recognition that is no longer fulfilling. Things that once stabilized us, but are now just keeping us stuck. This is great energy for making art, music, creative work, meditation, prayer, healing.

After that solar sextile, Mars (in Sag - think :QUEST) squares Neptune. Mars is our actions, our passion, our initiative. Neptune weakens Mars, dissolves our ambitions/strength or provides a goal that is misleading. Squares are tension/frustration. Our hopes can fade. Our escape mechanisms/self-sabotage can pull us off course. We can catch a cold. Our impulsivity/need for adventure might lead us into challenging waters. 


Keep in mind this is a TEMPORARY aspect, so let's not allow it to create a mess of things. Mars in direct motion matters, our Quest continues.


And, on the other hand, because squares provide the greatest potential for real change (the whole back against the wall thing) Mars/Neptune can provide spiritual/creative FUEL if we can find a way to maintain focused actions and not drift off-course/chase something that doesn't exist.


At the end of the week, Mercury stations retrograde. I talked about that HERE


There might be delays, changes of course. Our thinking/the conversations shifts. We now have TWO of our personal planets retrograde. This is a BIG sign we do not want to be pushing full steam ahead - that Neptune square is actually helping us out. Life is an inside job for a bit. Give yourself a break/brake when you can. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius - we might have had a brilliant or liberating idea that we rushed past and need to return to!

At the same time, and I missed this somehow in that retro post, Ceres stations direct at 27 degrees Taurus. Conjunct Algol and Sedna on that HOT degree from the first Solar Eclipse in Taurus last month. Ceres retrograde has been a review of what we are nurturing or what is outside our control or season of life situations, and most likely all of the above in some way. In Taurus, our Goddess back to her Garden, financial issues have been pulled into the mix, resource issues, our values, our self-esteem. Her retrograde in the Garden may have intensified our survival fears - what have we learned about ourselves? Something will move forward here (maybe a financial or value related something?), even as something else - Mercury retrograde - needs a re-think.


We'll talk more about Ceres in Part II of the Nodes Shift into Taurus (how we are going to get where we're going) and Scorpio (what is holding us back), sometime this week.

The week closes out with the Sun's meeting with powerful Pluto - in play all week as this applies (builds). 

The Sun/Pluto is a light thrown on power.  


This is power cemented/reaching its full potential or crumbled in pieces at our feet. Either way the Sun shows a result here, sometimes an ending. This is the death of the father/the old king. We can lose or gain power. Our weak foundations will crack/splinter - let them. When Pluto was thought to be the very boundary of our world/last planet out there - we thought transformation had to be life and death or death and rebirth. We had to suffer through the underworld to get to the other side. But since the discovery of Pluto's family - all these little Plutino planets (the dwarf planets) - we see this life/death/rebirth thing is alot more complicated and compelling. 


The Sun/Pluto cycle that started last year, at 24 degrees Cappy (this degree is super-activated during this Mercury retrograde season) is CULMINATING and a new cycle at 26 degrees Capricorn is beginning. 


We are building toward next week's powerful Full Moon in Cancer (opposing Pluto), Uranus stationing direct just as the Nodes shift into fixed signs and the Sun moves into Aquarius to square them. 


The 2020's shifting sands are going to keep throwing these curve-balls at us, as we, collectively and individually, decide (and, sometimes, yes, the fates will decide for us) the times the curve-balls will take us down, the times we need to duck, the times we need to weave, the times we need to CATCH the freakin' ball. 

xo all - back with the Full Moon post and we'll factor in the Moons with a couple dailies

artwork by the amazing Alex Garant

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