Today's Astrology Forecast | January 4th, 2022 - the Aqua Moon pulls us back into the Saturn/Uranus square, contractual changes, time to adjust


The Moon is in Aquarius now - we are nourished/nurtured by logic, smart conversations, group dynamics, our friendships, detaching a bit from intense situations. She will square ruler Uranus (retrograde) at 11:24AM EST, meets Saturn at 1:43PM EST and goes void off a sextile with Mars at 7:44PM EST. She will be void until 7:17PM EST TOMORROW (so, yes, almost all day Wednesday - the planets are mostly all huddled together creating some big empty spaces!). 

Her square to Uranus and conjunction with Saturn pulls the energy of 2021/2022's Saturn/Uranus square into our personal lives. The new and the old, liberation and responsibility. That final sextile to Mars in Sag (QUEST), tells us there is an 'all's well that end's well' here if we take positive action, stay optimistic/brave. The void itself is a kind of 'time between time' - the hours get stretchy. We can be very productive/get alot done, just don't start anything brand new you want 'something to come of'. 

At the same time, Juno, at 18 degrees Capricorn, inconjuncts Black Moon Lilith in Gemini. This is the wife vs the 'other woman' energy. Juno in Capricorn is about traditional partnerships/commitments/contracts and BML is a take-no-prisoner kind of girl in 'a little of this and a little of that' Gemini. Maybe Juno's limits/rules are too tight and need to be loosened up. Maybe BML's crash and burn tactics/lack of focus/toss baby with bathwater needs to be reined in a bit. Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places and these energies are kind of repeating the Saturn/Uranus the Moon is activating, so we are probably going to run into something like this today. 


The good news with Gemini is THERE ARE OPTIONS. Sometimes multiple solutions. The Moon in Aqua will allow us to step back emotionally from heated/tense situations and that will be helpful. The final aspect of this Aqua Moon being a supportive/opportunistic sextile with Mars speaks of solutions through action, optimism, courage. 


For late tonight and tomorrow the long void gives us time to rest, re-group, yada-yada. Time gets stretchy during long voids and we can be very productive/get alot done. Just stick to routine work. It's not the time to start anything brand new unless you want to have to do it all over again later.

xo all

artwork by the talented gerezon

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