more about the astrology of january 2022 | january as preparation for February through April's GO time



Once we get through the next month of retrogrades - we will have all the planets direct for quite a few weeks. 


We might want to be thinking about this now/preparing. January's New Moon in Capricorn last weekend was a GO/get seeds in the ground with that trine to future-focused Uranus, but we still have Venus retrograde in Capricorn and an approaching Mercury retrograde that will start in Aquarius - the future - and pull us back into Capricorn - the present/past. 


We also have Mars in Sagittarius now reaching the degrees where he is beginning to square Neptune (this will be exact on January 11th) - which can feel draining/diluting. It can also pull in wet weather/virus, flu, etc and other Neptunian situations that can work at cross purposes to our actions/our quest. Mars in Sag is answering to Jupiter in Pisces, so ultimately answering to Neptune, really giving Neptunian delusion/exhaustion/escape (but also inspiration, healing, compassion) the upper hand here. 

Once we get past February 3rd, we will have all the planets direct including Venus and Uranus (currently retrograde) and Mercury (retrograde starting January 14th). We will still be walking old shadow degrees for a bit, but that's ok. This will be prime 'LAUNCH'; time, but there will be some days/times that are better than others. This 'forward ho' will last until April 28th when Pluto stations retrograde and the spring/summer retrogrades begin. We will talk about this more as we get closer and move through it, but the preparation/clear the field/reflection/get seeds into the ground time is NOW.

This doesn't mean we can't launch/start anything important before early February if we must, just know things will tend to revise themselves as we move along. With the Nodes set to move into fixed signs - Taurus/Scorpio - on January 18th, it might be in our best interest to not be as flexible as we have been after this time. So, if we can help it, we really don't want all the retrograde energy in the 'start chart' for anything that really matters (realizing sometimes this can't be helped). Forward moving planets mean less revisions later and that's usually a good thing - less headaches/more momentum with fewer starts and stops.


Just keep in mind these retrogrades MUST BE WORKED in order for the 'momentum' thing LATER to be most effective or we could be moving ourselves toward a cliff/brick wall very quickly when all the planets are direct. There are good reasons for the delays/road blocks/turnarounds we will encounter as we move through January. The retrograde energies are times for INTERNAL work - getting real/getting clear. Doing the "re's". We usually can't just sit them out.


A couple dates to note in January: 


January 14th - we have Ceres stationing direct (27 degrees Taurus, conjunct that RED HOT degree from the last Solar Eclipse in December 2021 that kicked off the Taurus nodal shift) at the same time Mercury stations retrograde (10 degrees Aquarius). 


January 18th to 19th - we have Uranus stationing direct, the nodal shift into Taurus/Scorpio and the Sun's move into Aquarius answering to Uranus and squaring those freshly minted Nodes. This also lights up the RED HOT 'world starts up again' 0 degrees Aquarius where Jupiter and Saturn met back in December 2020. 

(an interesting side note here is that Venus will meet Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius on December 7, 2024 - so they met on "time runs out/power cemented" for the first time on the day Omicron was announced in November and meet again on "time starts up again" in 2024)


Lots of changes ahead/twists and turns. Opportunities and challenges. 


We are probably feeling more 'goal-oriented' right now with all this Cappy energy. With Venus retrograde we want to be bringing more Venusian charm/balance into our business dealings. AND conversely, we want to be taking Venusian themes - relationships, money, our values and self-esteem more seriously. February will bring fresh opportunities/starts, but it is the January "re's" that make sure we have that 'ladder of success' we will be climbing perched against the right wall.

With all this Capricorn, life's a marathon, not a sprint. Take care of yourself.

xo all


artwork by the amazing Duy Huynh

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