weekly astrology forecast for Creatives | January 3rd - 9th, 2022 - an obstacle, an opportunity, knowing what we value, starting something fresh and new, detaching from the drama



Sunday's New Moon kicks off a two week cycle of practical/stabilizing fresh starts focused on the future/change/something NEW. 


Magical new beginnings are possible people!


Let's take a look at the biggest aspects of the week ahead:


MONDAY - Jupiter squares North Node

WEDNESDAY - Venus sextiles Neptune

SATURDAY - Sun conjuncts Venus

SUNDAY - Mercury sextiles Chiron, First Quarter Moon

On MONDAY, Jupiter, at 1 degree Pisces squares the North Node in Gemini


This is the FINAL major North Node in Gemini aspect before the node switches into Taurus in the middle of January. One more course correction folks!


Squares are tension/frustration. Piscean squares can bring up our delusions, addictions, lack of boundaries, spiritual bypassing, illness, escape, self-sabotage tendencies. Jupiter will exacerbate the situation, show us the problem if there is one here, so we can't miss it, by pulling in Jupiterian excesses - what just got BIGGER?


Nodal squares are skipped steps - something needs to be addressed before we can proceed any further. Keep in mind we are still working with the North Node in Gemini - so there can be more than one way forward, more than one thing that needs to be decided, etc. As we have for the last 18 months we want to point our sails toward GEMINI. 


Following the facts/details/asking questions/working through your natal Gemini house theme.


(collectively, one of the things this might speak of, because nothing is ever just one thing, is the virus or even wet weather situations - Neptune - squaring off with our Gemini situations, for example children's education)


On WEDNESDAY, Venus, retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn, sextiles Neptune in Pisces

This is Cappy/Pisces - 'making the dream real' energy - a creative opportunity. With Venus retrograde, something here feels like a second chance. Neptune softens Venus in Cappy's harder edges and brings the 'dream/our imagination' into Capricorn's more practical realm. Venus gives Neptune a sober/concrete support for the 'dream'- something solid is being built now. Something lasting. 


As we've talked about before with Cappy/Pisces (Saturn/Neptune) aspects, they often involve a sacrifice/release - we may have to willingly give up this, to get that.


If we are working too hard, we might get a rest/break. We could even get sick if that's what it takes. Which doesn't sound like much of an opportunity, but somehow it is. If we are being too escapist/lazy, well, here is some kind of responsibility/situation that requires we put in the effort/get to work. 


Either way this is - Creative Opportunity. Practical magic. Unconditional love.

On SATURDAY, Venus, retrograde in Capricorn, reaches the mid-point of her retrograde cycle and meets the Sun at 18 degrees, her inferior conjunction as she moves from an evening to a morning star turning invisible. People with planets/points near this degree will probably be feeling this strongest.

For all of us - a light shines on what this Venus retrograde has been about for us, even as Venus is occulted by the Sun, as she/we reach a symbolic turning point in this 40 days and 40 nights journey. Venus' cycles particularly pertain to Venus things - love, money, our values and self-esteem. Cappy has pulled in collective themes of our work in the world, careers, goals and reputation. What do we want? What do we value NOW?


On SUNDAY - the Moon at 19 degrees Aries reaches her First Quarter Square with the Cappy Sun while Mercury sextiles Chiron.

The square is Aries/Capricorn. Tension/frustration. The self/identity vs work/career/reputation. The new vs the old. Independence/doing it our way vs responsibility/commitment/tradition. First quarter squares require ACTION and Aries doubles down on this. The New Moon energy is checking up on us - are we doing something new? Are we STARTING? Have we set out intentions


At the same time, Mercury will be sextiling Chiron in Aries giving us a way through. 


We can discuss what hurts/our vulnerabilities/what we are needing without alot of emotional drama. Detach. Use logic/intellect. With Mercury in future-focused Aqua - here is another aspect about doing it differently/trying a new approach to an old problem. 


This week continues the New Moon in Cappy story. What are we starting from this older/wiser position? What needs to change?

xo all


(this week isn't about some giant leap forward, just get some seeds into the ground)

artwork by the talented agnes-cecile

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