weekly astrology forecast for creatives | January 17 - 23, 2022 - powerful endings, Aquarius season kicks off, changes with our money and values, lightbulb moments, new instructions

MONDAY - Full Moon in Cancer

TUESDAY - Uranus stations direct (in Taurus), Nodes enter Taurus/Scorpio

WEDNESDAY - Sun enters Aquarius and trines the North Node

THURSDAY - Mars conjuncts Galactic Center

SUNDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury (retrograde)

Aquarius season kicks off with a BANG. Let's unpack the week!

On MONDAY - the Cancer Moon opposes the Capricorn Sun giving us this month's Full Moon, our annual Full Moon in Cancer - we talked about coming home to ourselves HERE


The Moon opposed to powerful Pluto will make endings/transformations PERMANENT.

On TUESDAY - Uranus stations direct at 10 degrees Taurus AND the Nodes of the Moon (fate) back into Taurus - North Node, how we are going to get where we're going - and Scorpio - South Node, what is holding us back. 

Uranus is our 'awakener' energy. Think hive-mind. Think rock-n-roll. Think earthquake. He gets us from point A to point B in the most efficient fashion (SUDDEN CHANGE), sometimes dropping us on our ass in the process. Uranus has been retrograde since August 19th. Our planets/points from 7-9 degrees Taurus can relax. Uranus is done with you. He won't be back here. Now, he starts moving forward from 10 degrees Taurus - steamrolling through our collective house of resources, money, our values, our self-esteem. Changing what we own. Changing what we value. Changing how we make our money and how our money connects to how we see ourselves. Pulling us into the future and the future back to meet us. Change is not an option. We've been here before, so if something changes direction now, it's not like we didn't see this coming ....

At the same time, the Nodes of Fate, after 18 months, leave Gemini/Sagittarius (breathe a sign of relief Gemini/Sags!) and move into Taurus/Scorpio. Collectively think - financial RESET.


We started talking about this in Part I - HERE.


With the North Node answering to a retrograde Venus, her way through Capricorn (or wherever she is, she is currently retrograding in Cappy) becomes OUR way through life. Build her a shrine. #kidding #not kidding. Actually the way to 'build her a shrine' is to respect Taurus's Venusian energy. Take care of what you own. Make a budget (I am not talking about being a tightwad, but consciously knowing where your money is going). Grow some food and eat it. Slow your roll/take time to savor what matters to you. 


I also like Ceres as at least co-ruler for Taurus and she has just stationed direct (in Taurus). Both Venus and Ceres are BIG players as the United States rolls into her first EXACT Pluto return on 2/20/22. With transiting Ceres EXACT on President Biden' Uranus that day and transiting Jupiter conjunct the U.S. natal Ceres AND transiting Venus conjunct both the Cappy HOT degrees "time runs out/power is cemented now updated to omicron" and Mars. 


We'll talk about this in the U.S. Pluto Return series.


With the South Node's move into Scorpio we aren't going to get anywhere mired in fear/death/obsession with CRISIS. If we don't start rising from these sweaty death bed sheets (also with Uranus in Taurus, stop scapegoating 'the other') we will be stuck. And Scorpio kind of stuck isn't like Sagittarius kind of stuck. Scorpio stuck is STUCK. Like big old wooden box in the ground kind of stuck.


EXAMPLE for Scorpio Rising (we'll get to all the signs in Part II). The North Node in Taurus will require you, in order to get where you want to go, to point your arrow toward OTHER PEOPLE. Yes, the unpredictable partners/contracts, etc, that have been shaking and quaking your world for the last couple years. The stuff/people you used to count on once upon a time, that haven't been so stable since Uranus entered Taurus in 2018. A focus on yourself/your physicality/your brand (Scorpio South Node and your first house) is going to keep you stuck - somewhere in here is the stuff you need to leave behind. The good news - the focus on partners/OTHER PEOPLE (and they are not going to stabilize, so here's the challenge) and making things more simple will reap you GREAT REWARDS. And you know I am not talking 'doormat' here, but going it alone isn't going to work. Unusual people can show up over the next 18 months. Maybe it's time to think about - who can I partner with and what's in it for them?


(this is not because what's in it for you doesn't matter Scorpio, but a focus on what's in it for them will get you 'what's in it for you') 

On WEDNESDAY - the Sun trines the North Node in Taurus and then moves into intelligent/detached Aquarius

With Uranus (Aqua's modern ruler) change of direction this week in Taurus and the North Node's entrance here and Mercury applying to his retrograde conjunction to the Sun - think "aha moments/flashes of insight" - maybe involving the future and our money/resources/what we value, so PAY ATTENTION to what comes to your attention


The Sun's trine to the North Node is his final aspect in Capricorn and the North Node's first aspect in Taurus. Both are POTENT. Our goals/responsibility/authority/Cappy house theme align us with the future. We won't have to push too hard/bang our head against the wall - something should fall into place here. The fly in the ointment is the Leo Moon will oppose Saturn today which is a depressing aspect, so we might need to check our ego at the door somehow. There could be rules/limits/restrictions. We will have to work for our 'applause/rewards' here and they will come over time/not immediately, but that's OK. The Moon's final aspect is a smooth trine to Mars. Keep going.

Once the Sun gets anchored in airy Aquarius things can start to lighten up. We can detach a bit from those Cappy goals/ambitions. Our Aqua house theme gets our ATTENTION/our life energy. This is a space we naturally 'step outside the box' and do our own thing. Sometimes as part of a group/cause and sometimes on our own. It's the space we connect to the 'future'. With Mercury here we can more easily translate 'the future' into words/ideas. Mercury will back into Cappy on January 24th, so we get a chance to see if these ideas/conversations/information have legs, before returning to Aquarius on February 14th (direct) when we will be full-steam ahead. 


The Sun will be in Aquarius until February 18th. 

On THURSDAY - Mars, nearing the end of his journey through fiery Sagittarius, crosses the Galactic Center - our homing signal/center of our Milky Way Galaxy. THIS is conjunct where the Sag South Node story started back in the spring of 2020 as Mars was opposing the Galactic Center and conjunct fixed star Algol and asteroids Pandora/Wuhan in the U.S. natal chart and we know what was blowing up back then


Now Mars (as us) is given a new comic download, new INSTRUCTIONS. New actions, new beliefs, new adventures. People with planets/points near 27 degrees of Sagittarius will feel this energy strongest, but it will be impacting everyone.


On SUNDAY - the Sun meets up with a retrograde Mercury at 3 degrees Aquarius. This is the mid-point of Mercury's retrograde cycle and his/her 'inferior conjunction' - the part of his retrograde cycle where a LIGHT SHINES ON WHAT THIS MERC RETRO HAS BEEN/IS ABOUT FOR US. 

Clarity. A future focused/logical conversation, idea or information comes in. Here is what we need to know NOW or the reason for what has previously been delayed/changed course.

(note this is also the day Mercury will inconjunct the North Node and semi-square Saturn, so it's more a time for insights than action)


Also note - this is a moment of clarity, but not an all-systems go signal. Big new moves should still wait until after February 3rd if possible. There is a New Moon in Pisces on March 2nd conjunct Jupiter that looks especially BENEFICIAL/potent - so time something for the days that follow as that one waxes if you can!


xo all - I hope something here is helpful.

artwork by the inspiring Duy Huynh

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