Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 20th, 2022 - avoid micro-managing, opening that oven door and making mountains out of molehills



The Moon in Leo goes void at 3:15AM EST off a trine to Mars (right on my natal Mars and I was BOING awake or maybe it was the guy next door dragging his trash to the curb). She is void until 9:02AM EST when she moves into Virgo. 


In Virgo we are nourished/nurtured by being of service, dotting our i's and crossing our t's, a well organized closet, being helpful, being practical, being right/critical (ouch, let's avoid this one), taking care of our physical body, taking care of our pets, taking care of our employees/co-workers, prioritizing quality over quantity, doing good work, fixing something (yes, broken ... or not). From Virgo, she will oppose Jupiter at 5:58PM EST. This can be a productive day, just avoid making a mountain out of a molehill or overdoing something. Detail oriented approaches are best, but know when it's time to say when. Get some extra sleep (maybe this is just me).

This is also the day Mars, at 28 degrees Sagittarius, inconjuncts Ceres in Taurus. This sounds like rushed/over-the-top mothering/nurturing that won't get us what we want. We can't be opening the oven door every five minutes to see if the muffins are cooking and expect the muffins to cook. Sag wants to go big or go home and Taurus wants to go slow and steady. This isn't about the tortoise beating the hare, but some things can't be rushed. This is reinforced by Ceres domain of 'season of life' situations and 'things outside our control'. Inconjuncts require flexibility/some give and take (and even then there is really no winner here) - we don't want to 'roll over' anyone/anything AND we don't want to (Taurus being fixed earth) grow cobwebs either. Maybe just know those muffins are cooking. Work with the Moon/Jupiter. Have some faith. The Sun is in Aquarius now, we are all smarter than we look. 

I hope something here is helpful. 

xo all

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