Today's astrology forecast | Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - the early bird gets the worm, practical progress, something falls into place, focusing and paying attention



The Moon is in comfortable Taurus now, the sign of her exaltation. We are nurtured/nourished by traditionally nurturing things. Comfort, good food, a soft touch, a hot bath, some benjamins in our wallet. 


She will sextile Neptune at 3:38AM EST, trine the Sun at 6:19AM EST, and will go void off her trine to powerful Pluto at 2:38pm EST. She will be void until 10:08PM EST when she moves into Gemini and meets up with the North Node.


Get up early. 


The trine to the Sun is this month's Waxing Trine - this is practical progress (Taurus/Cappy) with the things we can hold in our hands/take to the bank. Something wants to fall into place between our Taurus and Cappy houses. Here is where our New Moon story from two weeks ago can shake out something solid/supportive. We just need to make a little effort/do the next real thing. This is a kind of "if we build it, it will last" energy. Collectively this is our money/values/self esteem and our goals/worldly ambitions/career working together.

The follow-up trine to Pluto will allow us to focus. It can make this all more intense, but again this is a trine to Cappy - practical progress. Now we are merging with other people/other people's resources. Going deeper. Puzzling something out. Good for dealing with authority and stepping into our own. There is alot of flow now/positive alignment.

The Moon continues to perform during the void - still not a time to start anything brand new - and then she gets into Gemini, so the pace will pick up for the next couple days.

Her first aspect is a conjunction to the North Node, so pay attention.


Here is information, a conversation, communication that connects us to the future/where we are going. This is through the Moon, our emotions, so notice what shifts -  in Gemini, the Moon is answering to Mercury STILL DIRECT for a couple more days, and in future-focused Aquarius, so this is likely new information. Mercury is about to go retrograde, so whatever comes to our attention now is subject to revisions later, but can still bring in new options/choices. Talk to people. Make the call/send the email.


Pay attention to what catches your attention now/what makes you ask questions/what makes you think. 

xo all

When we get to the Full Moon early next week the aspects to the Sun and Pluto will be much more challenging, so if something dealing with your Cappy house theme or the collective themes of careers/goals/authority can be done sooner (now) rather than later (then) that will probably be a good thing.


artwork by the amazing Dun Huynh

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