Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 - re-imagining what we want, giving up the ghost, all day void moon


The pile-up of planets in one part of the heavens is creating an unusually long void Moon today. The Moon, void last night off a sextile to Mars, is void until 7:17PM EST tonight when she enters Pisces. In dreamy Pisces we are nourished/nurtured by art, music, imagination, rest, meditation, prayer, compassion. Her only aspect is a conjunction with Pisces ancient ruler Jupiter at 9:56PM EST. 

This feels very supportive of today's dreamy Venus/Neptune sextile at 20 degrees Capricorn/Pisces. 


Venus is retrograde and this is her second of three meetings with Neptune. We had the first sextile back on November 30, 2020, so maybe something from that time frame is connecting to a situation now. 

Cappy/Pisces is 'making the dream real' energy. Neptune rules the collective unconscious and his contact with a personal planet, in this case Venus, in stabilizing Capricorn, can merge the collective creative imagination with our physical power to create something in tangible form. This is excellent energy for making art, music, writing, etc. We can tap into collective potential. Give life to something that can benefit/heal other people.


There might also be something here about softening the hard edges of our ambitions or defenses. The retrograde of Venus in Cappy can be particularly eye-opening for people with Venus/Saturn natal aspects which might have manifested as the feeling of needing to 'earn' love or 'earn' our keep or having a great sensitivity to rejection. Situations can arise that mimic or trigger childhood emotional pain. Here, maybe the Neptune contact can bring some healing/compassion. The three-peat nature of this sextile can be especially healing and we will have Mercury and Mars through here in the coming weeks. Old ghosts/family curses can be put to bed. Keep in mind, for our benevolent Venus, this is our second pass - the one where we are doing the "re's", re-evaluating, re-feeling, re-doing, etc. 


Maybe an old dream is re-awakened. Maybe someone/something can come back around.


Whatever this is, the sextile is opportunistic. It's a good time to be socializing, connecting with other people, connecting with our muses and spirit via meditation/prayer. Tonight's meeting of the Pisces Moon and Jupiter might foreshadow next spring's big meeting between Jupiter and Neptune. Write down your dreams. Pay attention to what is inspiring you now.


Venus pulls in themes of money, relationships, our values and self-esteem. Neptune brings in our dreams, healing, compassion, our ghosts, sometimes our escape mechanisms. Saturn activates our Cappy natal house themes and the more general themes of our careers, goals, karma and ambitions. 

This is a good time to be "re-imagining" what we want. 


Keep an eye on the Void Moon, too. Give yourself a break.

xo all

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