New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo | August 21st - birthing a new nation, midwifery, the heart of a lion, Trump and the United States, part I

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Monday's total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) falls at 28 degrees Leo.

In mundane astrology (the branch of astrology connected with nations and global events) the Sun represents the ruler of a country; the king. The Moon represents the people. Our ancestors thought solar eclipses brought the death of the king as the Moon (the people) blocked out the Sun's rays (the king). Eclipses created panic because they were blamed for every single misfortune that followed them, and also because astrologers who tracked patterns often linked them to actual stressful events related to their perfection degrees.

I am not saying we should be panicking about this one, although I am not so sure millions of us should be trucking our butts into eclipse totality zones to give our attention (unconscious intention) to this powerful energy either.

Of course, if it was possible for me to view it from where I live, I would almost certainly get myself into the lightest, brightest state of being I could muster up (I mean people would need those glasses to look at me!) and watch it, too.

I am hoping people do not bring their most stressed out energies (from crowds, traffic, staying up all night before to get a space to sit?!, current events, etc) into this change-making vortex. Please take a few deep breaths and send out prayers for peace and happiness into this one, eclipse watchers. Hopefully this moment of "coming together" will result in all different people with all different views and backgrounds coming together in bigger ways, too!

Eclipses have also been known to be harbingers of bad weather - earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires - and I will admit that U.S. eclipse zone map all over social media with the crack across the U.S. makes me a little nervous

(also makes me think of civil unrest and the way our country is so politically divided - I am not loving that map being burned into so many brains).

I would take seriously any sober weather preparations over the next few days, weeks and months. We should all have at least a couple weeks worth of food on hand.

This particular eclipse is the first total Solar Eclipse visible only across the entire United States since the eclipse of 1776 - the year of this country's birth. Many astrologers think that the physical location where an eclipse is visible increases its impact on that location. At its peak, 90% of the Sun in Washington DC - the seat of power in the world - will be eclipsed out. 

AND we have a President whose natal ascendant (many astrologers believe this to be the most important point in a natal chart) AND Mars are both conjunct 28 degrees Leo so the solar eclipse next week impacts Donald Trump's ascendant (his physical self) and natal Mars (war, action, violence, anger). This is bigly people. BIGLY.

The eclipse is also trining (brakes off) rebellious, chaotic and unpredictable Uranus (I have said before that Trump IS Uranus with the planet conjunct his natal Sun).

It literally feels to me like he can do anything he wants to do with this energetic line up

(or whatever is holding back his power from being eclipsed out is removed and he will be, too - impossible to know which is which).

For certain though the brakes are off something!

At the same time transitting Mars (war, violence) is conjuncting his natal Mars AND Trump was born on an eclipse making eclipses in general more impactful for him!

You can't make this stuff up folks.

The chance of this particular eclipse (total solar across the entire country) occurring at a time in our country's history (Pluto's impending return to its 1776 position) when it can so strongly influence the country's leader (via planets and points in his natal chart) would surely give it odds no Vegas bet maker would touch. And yet, here it is.

He is the catalyst for something here. Our avatar for this watershed moment in United States history. This is the entire reason he was elected. This is the entire reason he was even born.

The United States will be a different United States after Donald Trump and after this eclipse energy plays itself out (probably over the next 2-3 years).

He is here to do the thing he is going to do, even if we (the people) do not like it.

Let's hope he and we get this thing right this time

(it could be his action here that leads to his demise as we "the people - represented by the Moon that eclipses him" decide this is not the way we define America, since America is approaching its Pluto return and in the midst of re-birthing itself and the last time we had an eclipse like this was when our country was born in 1776 - he could be the catalyst that brings us back together or finally breaks us apart AND he could just as easily be ruling the United States at this pivotal time to make the right decision as he could the wrong one). 

It is the karma of the United States itself playing out here - and how well or how poorly we have lived up to the promises of our July 4th, 1776 birth chart.

If Trump has some kind of personal demise, and I am not saying he will, it could be his demise has prevented a larger United States demise (although I think the United States as ruler of the world winds down fully one way or the other by the mid 2020's).

His soul could have agreed to take one 'for the team' in the way a beloved pet can be our avatar for a health situation. When I tell you he is the only person on the planet who could be withstanding the pressure he is feeling right now, and it doesn't look like he is handling it all that well, I am not exaggerating! If we, and maybe he, get through the rest of 2017 unscathed I can assure you he has done something right even though it may appear he is doing everything wrong - the challenges are that great.

(I know everyone is worried about North Korea and I did look at Kim Jong-un's chart, but it is hard to work with, since his birth year is uncertain - it does look like big stuff for him in November either way though, so that story isn't going away ...)

The eclipse is happening in Trump's twelfth house ruled by Pisces - secrets, secret alliances, hidden enemies, self-undoing, leaks, lies, illness, things put away, hospitals, prisons, poisons, memory, confinement, slavery, water, the Navy - too many possibilities that involve things currently in the news to see what is happening here. Plus the twelfth house is all about what is hidden!

There are surely big changes ahead for him and since he is the leader of the United States for all Americans and since the United States is leading the world, most likely for everyone. 

One tricky thing with eclipse energy that I have found from personal experience as well as other people's charts is they often work backward. The thing the eclipse is "eclipsing out" or "bringing to light" can happen days, weeks or months before the physical Sun is overtaken by the Moon.

And remember within two hours of the North Node moving into Leo Trump fired Comey.  And the day the North Node (the point in space that sets up the eclipse) hit 28 degrees Leo - Mueller was appointed special counsel. And this is an uber powerful degree of the zodiac since it historically houses the royal star Regulus - which promises kingly glory if revenge is avoided. Whether or not Trump sees his firing of Comey as revenge will probably impact the outcome here. Other stuff happening now in the news has its roots in May, too, though, and eclipses can portend many different events within the same chart.

And I would say we are already a very different country than we were before Trump, so I think some of this eclipse energy has already played out. Let's hope. With five planets retrograde the eclipse events are certainly already in play. And, yes, I realize this isn't particularly reassuring because lots of crap within various degrees of "scaring the hell out of us" is already in play. With Uranus trining the eclipse - whatever it is, we won't see it coming. But we didn't see Comey's firing coming .... so it's possible that event is the shocker and what we have ahead are the repercussions.

I started looking at the royal star Regulus while studying Princess Diana's chart many, many years ago - her natal chart and important events in her life have amazing connections to Regulus and 28 degrees Leo (her North Node of destiny is here in her 5th house of romance, children and fun - all things that played a huge part in her life story). Maybe something will "come to light" now about her, too. It has been proven our chart points continue to be activated after our death. The chart of Great Britain and Prince Charles also have connections to this point and to next week's eclipse.

(Regulus has since moved into Virgo, the sign of the common man and service to others, one of the reasons both Princess Diana and Donald Trump have a connection with the "common man" - although Trump's life reads more like 'service to self' than others, maybe the eclipse will change that! I wrote about Regulus HERE last summer and HERE)

We can't tell what will happen because the future is still being written - by the energy all of us are bringing to our own situations - which are playing out within different story lines in varying degrees!

This time in history also has interesting connections to the astrology of not only the founding of the United States but also to the French Revolution's Reign of Terror - as noted by vedic astrologer, Sam Geppi HERE  - a time when after the citizens rose up and toppled the monarchy, the ones doing the toppling turned out to be equally or even more authoritarian and ruthless than the aristocracy/clergy, etc, they had deposed. So, is Trump's administration like the revolutionaries - are they "draining the swamp" only to be providing us with even more dangerous crocodiles? Or are they the "monarchy" - Trump does rule like a King and has installed his family in the White House - that the people will toss out? Either way, it feels like particularly challenging times for us. It is important to remember that big challenges present big opportunities though.

Eclipses are part of cycles called Saros Cycles and repeat every 18 years. Solar eclipses are super charged New Moons. They can 'eclipse something out' or 'bring something to light'. And, of course, every ending ushers in a NEW beginning. What was happening in your life in 1999?

This particular Saros cycle (in king of the jungle Leo) is known for eclipsing out kings or attempts at eclipsing out kings - 1999 Bill Clinton impeachment (I think we might have found ourselves enmeshed in a Hillary Clinton impeachment trial before the end of the year if she had been elected), 1981 Reagan assassination attempt, 1963 JFK assassination, 1945 death of Hitler and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1927 death of FDR, 1909 Taft assassination attempt - astrologer Marjorie Orr has catalogued some others HERE.  

The last two eclipses that metaphorically "cut the country in half" were in 1918 and 1869.

In 1869 Grant was sworn in as President succeeding Andrew Johnson who became President when Lincoln was assassinated. Johnson's "restoration" policies aimed at bringing the southern states back into the fold after the Civil War did little, if anything, to protect the rights of newly freed slaves and he even vetoed the Civil Rights Bill (Congress overturned his veto). He was impeached but managed to serve out his term.

By the time Grant came into office and passed the Ku Klux Klan Act and established the Department of Justice to enforce it, the KKK (formed on Christmas Eve 1865 with a monster natal chart connecting to the U.S. birth chart in a way that hurts my heart to look at) had already established covert political power.

So, 1869 was the beginning of a time when laws and real political pressure began to reel that monster (the KKK) in. In 1918, the year WWI ended with fewer jobs and increased immigration - the KKK resurfaced under the guise of "nationalism, protectionism, America first" and within a few years, the klan claimed that 15% of the eligible population (I guess that would be white men? or white protestant men? or white protestant men and women?) were members.

It was during this revival period of nationalistic insanity that statues, like the controversial one of General Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville were erected. We can see how this energy is playing out today and how Trump's Presidency is a lightning rod. Moving into the Age of Aquarius (equality) this behemoth darkness needs to come up and be healed. Let's hope we can get this right this time.

With Mars (war, violence) heading toward the eclipse point (he gets there on September 2nd, conjuncts Mercury on September 3rd and Mercury stations direct at the 28 degrees Leo on September 5th) we can pretty much be assured of lots of ego-centered aggression between the eclipse and Labor Day. 

With Mercury retrograde there is the potential for lots of misunderstandings, bad decisions (and possibly more violence involving transportation) now and especially around the first week of September. 

I'm not going to sugar coat it - this is dangerous energy. Especially the last few days of August and the first few days of September. There can also be information "coming to light" that connects to Trump's and/or the United States twelfth house secrets. 

Eclipse events do not happen exactly on the date of the eclipse. The eclipse sets up an event chart - a kind of marker in the heavens and as planets hit that point - or the exact opposite polarity point - via transit THAT is when events happen. And somehow with an eclipse prior events factor in, too.

Whatever has happened, is happening and will happen - everything feels like it is falling into place for some big changes over the next few weeks and months.

I think this post has posed more questions than answers because during eclipse season when the lights go out and we are being quite literally "reset" - anything is possible. I hope it hasn't been too negative, but those who know me know it is easier for me to see the dragons than the daisies - I am working on this! Note to self - plant more flowers ....

We are in the process of birthing a brand new nation (our exact Pluto return is in 2022 when Pluto returns to its exact position of our country's birth) - gentle hands, strong hearts and mad-crazy midwifery skills are needed now!

Part II is HERE

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Ahhh . . . let's see. Here I sit smack in the middle of the United States where we will get about one full minute plus of total darkness. Hotels are full. Highways are full. Wide loads and oversized trucks are prohibited on I-80 for the next week. Strangers to the Midwest and especially Nebraska are everywhere. I need to do some day-to-day shopping but every time I drive through the Target parking lot, I don't stop. It's just that weird right now. I can't make myself mingle with the people.

I've felt uneasy for a month or more and can't watch news on television and avoid landing pages on the internet with news reports. What's going on here? This unease will have me plagued with what I hope is only short-term agoraphobia. I hide my head in the sand.

My post is going nowhere but I'm affirmed that this is a time of darkness, however temporary, and what alligators leave the swamp will be replaced by alligators of a different sort. Alligators nonetheless.

Praying for survival here.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hmm. I was wondering what it was feeling like in the heartland. I am avoiding the news, too. We are in the balsamic Moon phase now, so 'agoraphobia' and not mingling makes perfect sense. I have to admit I have some hope - like I did at the end of 2012 when I thought it very possible we could all wake up enlightened - that this energy brings us together in big ways. By the looks of the latest 'weather reports' it feels like some things might have to fall apart first. Your words about 'fullness' remind me of pregnancy again - maybe when everything empties out by you it will feel very new, very spacious. Maybe that is the feeling you will remember most, like whatever it will feel like when the lights come back on ... praying here, too xo

lynn bowes said...

Oh wow. A pregnancy metaphor is a good one. So we could be pregnant with hope, looking for a birth/rebirth such as you say about the midwifery bits in your blogpost. We could be pregnant with that Rosemary's Baby thing, too - yikes. Whatever is being birthed can go either way but I choose to remain cautiously optimistic, however painful the birth will be, we will have to go through it to get to the goods.

I know we are not the ones in control but we ARE the ones experiencing the ride and we seem to feel that we are invested in the outcome. We really are not. We are not entitled to a good outcome - only an outcome. We will experience the outcome but are not creating the outcome. That's where the unease comes from, I am sure. It's not really 'our' birth but the birth of something we can't control.

I read a quote on Pinterest only yesterday (because Pinterest makes me feel like everything is okay - as opposed to Facebook that makes me feel that we are on the edge of the cliff). That quote : "The will of God will not take you where the grace of God will not protect you."

Everything is unfolding as it should. Like it or not.

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes as it should be like it or not. And the more we naturally like to control what is happening the harder these days are for us.

That's a beautiful quote. Saved it.

I agree about Pinterest. I sometimes get annoyed with the typos and grammar but I think the Millennials (hmmm Google is telling me the avg Pinterest user isn't a Millennial, it has that kind of 'let's look at something pretty and find a new way to style our hair' vibe though) ability to focus on feeling good will save us all one day. It's highly under-rated.

I always like the Course in Miracles quote - "nothing real can be threatened. nothing unreal exists. therein lies the peace of God." and "your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and in seeking find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it"


Catherine Ivins said...

or "I could see peace instead of this."